OKC Thunder Summer League Recap

Jamie CantrellContributor IJuly 18, 2009

Unfortunately, I was only able to watch one of the Summer League games, via online live broadcast. So take my recap for what it's worth.

Coming in OKC's roster has truck loads of upside. With names like Russell Westbrook, Shaun Livingston, James Hardin, DJ White, BJ Mullens, Serge Ibaka, and Kyle Weaver.



In the 1st game, OKC defeated the Magic 88-77. The score does not tell the whole story. It was mainly lopsided all game long in the Thunder's favor.

Westbrook came to play dropping 22 points, while handing out 9 assists, and a quite 5 rebounds. Although he didn't shoot well (3-11) Russell got to the line and was consistent. Knocking down 16-18 freebies.  

James Harden had a solid game, showing his polished game and pretty jumper, contributing with 17 points off the bench. DJ White had a decent game with 13 points and 9 boards in 32 minutes of action.

One player that intrigued me was Serge Ibaka. He showed a Tyrus Thomas style of play. Great athleticism, shot blocking, energy, and pretty quick for a 6'10 guy. He appeared to only have a sub-par basketball I.Q. Also it seemed that he doesn't have much of a post game to speak of.

But I can say that i'm excited to see what he can bring to the Thunder. Ibaka appears to have great upside, in my opinion.

I did not see the rest of the game, so I will recap them based on statistics.



Score: OKC- 88 IND-91

From the looks of the box score, there was a huge free throw differential. Pacers shot 40 at the line, while the Thunder only shot 21. Although both teams shot in the mid 60s at the line, it would pay dividends for the Pacers in a game that was decided by 3 points.

Westbrook had another solid game, racking up 22 points and handing out 8 dimes. No. 3 overall pick James Harden found his way into the starting lineup and had a good overall game with 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Also, Serge Ibaka had another solid game with 13 points, 3 boards, and a block. Ibaka's has been in foul trouble in both games, hopefully this won't be a continueous happening. In all team stats, this game was even so im going to say the shots at the charity stripe, were the difference.



Score: OKC-94 BOS-82

OKC took on a Boton team with some notable names, such as Coby Karl, Robert Swift, Michael Sweetney, Gabe Pruitt, Chris Lofton, Bill Walker, and JR Giddens. Except the Thunder were able to come up on top. Westbrook continued his great play while putting up 26 points, 5 assists, 5 steals, and 4 boards.

Kyle Weaver had a nice game off the bench adding 12 points for the Thunder. DJ White joined Weaver & Westbrook with 16 points. Harden had a decent 3rd game racking up 9 points in only 13 minutes off the bench during the 12 point win over the Celtics.

OKC shot much better from the line this game (90%) which is a good sign for the coaching staff. But shot an atrocious 16.7% from the 3 point line. Pathetic! Though winning the battle on the glass, with 10 more rebounds more than the Celtics. I'm sure this really contributed to the win. 



Score: OKC-83 NJ/PHI-62

Even with some quality young players like Speights, Holliday, Douglas-Roberts, and Terrence Williams. The Nets/76ers combined team were no match for the Thunder. NJ/PHI shot were not falling, which can be shown by there percentages; 37.5% from the field, and 28% from the 3 point line.

OKC was missing DJ white and Livingston but still managed to pull off a beatdown.

Mainly due to Ibaka, Harden scoring 15, while BJ Mullens worked for 18 points. Then of course Russell Westbrook came to play, dropping 19 points and 9 assists.Not much to say about this blowout.



Score: OKC- 60 UTH- 70

What stood out in this game was the bench play. Between 5 bench players for OKC, they scored 12 while between 8 Utah bench player they scored 46. Another problem for the Thunder was they couldnt score the ball.

DJ White led the show 17 points, getting help from only Harden and Livingston (14 points, 12 points) BJ Mullens went a sad 0-7 from the field. The kid hasnt shown me enough to believe he will have a solid career in the NBA. Journeyman most likely.


That wraps it up. I did the last 4 based on stats and what I thought about them. The Thunder have a promising future ahead of them with this young talent in the organization.