New Orleans Saints: This is the Year

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New Orleans Saints: This is the Year
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I'm not much of a gambling man.

I wish I was sometimes. I live dangerously close to both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. I bet I could have one hell of a run if I let myself.

I generally go and play roulette once or twice a year. And I always bet on the Kentucky Derby. And that's it.

I get a feeling deep down in my gut. Intuition, instinct, whatever. Call it what you will. Usually when I get this feeling, I try to dumb it down and/or bury it with facts and figures. Most times I do not follow my gut. I should, because most of the time it is right.

I have that feeling right now about the New Orleans Saints.

Although I am predominantly a Buccaneers fan, I do have a soft spot for the Saints. I visited New Orleans once and it left a deep lasting impression on my soul and my psyche.

The Saints are due.

Let's dumb it down a little and rationalize the feeling.

Sean Payton is brilliant.

Drew Brees is as good as any quarterback in the NFL right now. And he is more than due.

Reggie Bush is due.

The Bucs are weak.

The Panthers are old.

The Falcons and Matt Ryan will have a sophomore slump. 

The list goes on and on.

Either way, I am following my gut on this one. So, if I am right in early 2010, I will become a professional gambler.

It has become apparent to me that I am never going to be a serious sports writer. So I might as well find another career path that is filled with enough dereliction and debauchery to make me feel like I am still surrounded by sports writers.

Crowded, nasty field.

I was once told by a very successful writer who I respected very much that there is nothing in life lower and more depraved than a sports writer. He spent much of his life being one.

I had never seen it first hand until I spent a month on B/R.

I know now that he was right.

This is the Saints year. And when you realize that I am right, come by, have a drink with me.

I'll be at a Roulette table in Connecticut. 

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