Happy Halladay: Where Will Roy End Up?

Sean MatraiContributor IJuly 18, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 6:  Roy Halladay #32 of the Toronto Blue Jays throws a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium May 6, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

I know there has been a great debate around baseball about starting pitcher Roy Halladay, and where he will be going. Although many fans of many different teams want to get Halladay, there are some things you have to consider.

Here are the top two things you have to consider when trading, especially with players of talent like this:

1). Prospects–Many different teams, especially ones who are in last, or in the lower part in the standings, want good prospects.

For those who don't know, a prospect is a young player with potential who is playing on a triple, double, or single-A team (or could even be in majors). Prospects have great value in a trade.

2). Money–Teams tend to want to trade players like Halladay because their contract is going to be up, or they want younger players. When you're trading for a player like Halladay, it's very important to consider if you will be able to re-sign the guy down the road based on your team's overall funds.

In Halladay's case, he won't be a free agent until the end of 2010, so the team who picks him up would be safe for one year.

Many teams in contention simply rent players like Halladay until their contracts are up, and then let them go after they get some wins out of them.

Here are the possible places Halladay will end up:

1). Cubs–Yes the Cubs, who are still in contention in the NL Central. I think they absolutely have the prospects to get this trade done, this would be a great way to recuperate after failing to make the Jake Peavy trade over the winter.

2). Phillies–Many people have the Phillies as the top pick for Halladay, but I don't. I think they signed Pedro so they wouldn't have to put it down for Halladay. They say they are interested though, and they definitely have the prospects, but who knows whether they are willing to give them up in exchange.

3). Red Sox–Yes, Boston.  They have the prospects to get it done, and I'm sure they would love to make a big splash, just as the Yankees did last offseason. Boston is third on this list because it is questionable whether the Blue Jays want to send him to a team in their own division.

4). The Yankees–The Yankees do have the prospects to get it done, and they would probably make the trade. Here's the problem: there might be a rolling stone in the back of Hank's. A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia did not live up to their expectations, so who knows if they are willing to put their trust in Halladay.

5). Nowhere–Don't freak out. Nowhere means he would just stay in Toronto. This is a possibility, but I think he will be traded.

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