The Bleacher Report Fantasy Sports Championship

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

Fantasy sports are here to stay there is no doubt about that, but they don't seem to get much publicity on this site, or even many articles on the subject for that matter. As this site is the place for (mostly) fine journalism, fantasy sports sometimes gets pushed to the back burner as more relevant issues get the floor.

Well, I have an idea that is going to make fantasy sports exciting here on BR.

The First Annual Bleacher Report Fantasy Sports Championship.

Here's how it woks:

1. Twelve writers, chosen by me through a resume process will participate in the tournament.

2. We will make a fantasy league for all of the four major North American Sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) with points being earned from each league determining the all around best fantasy player on BR.

3. The drafts will be held on

4. NFL League will be H2H with the other three being ladder style.

5. If you drop out of the Championship at any time a wild card spot will be given to another writer, who will have a chance to win, but at a disadvantage.

6. Auto picking is discouraged, but it is allowed.

The Point System goes as follows:

10 Points- First Place

9 Points- Second Place

8 Points- Third Place

7 Points- Fourth Place

6 Points- Fifth Place

5 Points- Sixth Place

4 Points- Seventh Place

3 Points- Eighth Place

2 Points- Ninth Place

1 Point- 10th Place


The league will begin with the NFL Draft which is TBD and will end at the end of the 2010 MLB season.

I will try to get some sort of prize for the winner so let me know if you have any ideas.

Writers start applying.