Flash Flood Advisory: Stand Back, There's Hurricane Coming Through

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 18, 2009

It's been years since we've seen our green caped crusader. Gregory Helms once brought justice to the WWE in the early 2000's appearing and disappearing saving those in need and taking on those who've committed bad deeds. Even in the face of adversity and perplexity our crusader was never speechless.

"What's up with that?!"

The Hurricane's character had some aspects of Superman as Helms attempted to hide his secret identity and don a suit and tie when he wasn't saving the WWE locker room like Clark Kent did for the Daily Planet. The super powerful, super fast, and stunning hero from Krypton was great, but wasn't Helms' favorite hero.

So who was?

Helms has a tattoo of a green lantern, which is the symbol for the superhero Green Lantern, a powerful hero whose strength lies with his ring, which can manipulate the physical world as long as the owner's mind is able to handle the power bestowed on them. His fondness of the DC hero led to his character being based on the hero himself and thus began the journey of WWE's hero, the Hurricane. 

Every hero needs sidekicks and Hurricane had sidekicks the likes of Molly Holly and Rosey, his personal SHIT. Rosey was Hurricane's superhero in training and at times rode with Helms in his Hurra-cycle. During his Hurricane stint he also found an ally in Lance Storm and took on teams from the Dudleys to the Hardys.

Hurri-Storm had a nice little run and Helms continued on. After losing the Cruiserweight title to Jamie Noble at the King of the Ring 2002, he was drafted to RAW where he won the World Tag Team Titles with Kane forming Hurri-Kane with the Big Red Machine.

It wasn't too long after the tag title run Hurricane took Rosey, his SHIT under his wing. He was needing a new sidekick after Molloy Holly turned on him in an epic no holds barred Hardcore title match that took place at Wrestlemania X8.

Hurricane was over and was quite popular and it showed when he was one of the last few lucky stars to have a feud with The Rock. The two raged on in a war of words in which The Rock naturally dominated and dubbed him the hamburglar, the McDonald's character.

The rivalry eventually climaxed to a match, where the Hurricane was victorious thanks to The Rock being distracted by a Stone Cold Steve Austin appearance. He and Rosey moved on to capture the World Tag Team Titles in a tag team turmoil match, a match we might never witness again.

He was later ambushed by Kurt Angle by request of the angry chairman. This resulted in Hurricane turning on Rosey for not helping him when he was ambushed and left him to defend their tag titles all alone.

Hurricane reappeared and watched Rosey lose the tag titles out of costume as simply Gregory Helms.

Helms got tired of pandering to the fans like Jericho not too long ago did and hung up his green mask and tights in an attempt to be be taken more seriously in the ring. He kicked his SHIT to the curb and defeated him competition with a shining wizard, a move I'm fond of.

One of two things happen when your a heel on RAW.

1) You feud with John Cena and get your behind served on a silver platter.

2) Jerry "The 'nosy' King" Lawler stands up for what's right and challenges you. 

Fortunately Gregory Helms got letter B, but was defeated by Lawler. Helms bounced back to SmackDown! in 2006 after he captured the Crusierweight title, a SmackDown! title, at the Royal Rumble.

General manager Teddy Long got fed up after constantly hearing Helms state he was the best cruiserweight ever and ordered Helms to defend his title every week. The angle was put on hold after Helms suffered a broken nose, but it resumed after he returned to the ring in little over a month.

His dominance wasn't the same and the losses started to pile up after a loss to World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio and U.S. champion Bobby Lashley. Helms unmatched reign ultimately came to an end after a crusierweight invitational where Chavo Guerrero walked out as the new champion.

Helms was easily the most successful cruiserweight champion in the WWE only having three reigns with a combined total of 532 days.

He didn't lie when he said he was the longest reigning cruiserweight champion  and while JBL was the longest reigning WWE champion on SmackDown!, Helms was the longest reigning champion in SmackDown! history holding the cruiserweight title for 385 days on his last reign.

He's had an acumen for cruiserweight divisions and is one of the most decorated cruiserweight/light heavyweight champions across all pro wrestling. 

SWA (Southern Wrestling Alliance) Light heavyweight champion

NDW (New Demension Wrestling) Light heavyweight champion

EWA (Exodus Wrestling Alliance) Light heavyweight champion

NAPW (New Alberta Pro E-Wrestling) Lightheavyweight champion

WCW Crusierweight champion

2-time CCWA (Carolina Championship Wrestling Alliance) Light heavyweight champion

2-time CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling) Light Heavyweight champion

3-time WWE Cruiserweight champion

Helms ended up having neck surgery and was said to be out for a year. Upon Helms return he had a short feud with Shelton Benjamin, but failed to capture the U.S title from him. He also stuck up for Jeff Hardy when Matt Hardy turned on him, but was defeated by Matt.

He was drafted to ECW as part of the 2009 draft and has been a backstage interviewer ever since. His return to the ring has been anticipated as there has been a familiar green hero saving people in need.

We've seen him on RAW and SmackDown, but not in the land of extreme. If the time is taken to properly bring back Helm's alter ego Hurricane, we could very well witness Hurricane's best stint. They say the third time is the charm.

Like any superhero a cast of characters is needed to accompany the hero and ECW may be the best environment for our hero. Zack Ryder, Sheamus, Goldust, William Regal, and even Abraham Washington (yes him) can be interesting allies and villains.

Ryder's pretty boy cocky attitude makes a great protagonist and so does Sheamus if he's really going to attempt to make some damage in ECW.

Goldust would make a great ally as he is the bizarre one. He could also work with Yoshi helping him survive in ECW's rugged land.

Washington is annoying enough, but I think he'd fit in perfectly as the talk show host/reporter trying to get the latest scoop, the lowdown, the truth sort of like Spiderman/Jonah Jameson minus the Daily Bugle.

He fits the bill in my book. He can still have his atrocious talk show, but he can have an obsession trying to find out who the Hurricane is while being friends with Gregory Helms.

Kozlov is the powerhouse villain, who, of course, wants global domination like all powerhouse villains.

Ryder is the villain who obsessed with himself and likes to look sharp and Burchill is the ripper.

This would be a good way to bring Goldust back to his freakish and mysterious ways by adding a hidden agenda, but not revealing what it exactly is.

Regal is the mad English genius.

With many possibilities one can just wonder who or what the Hurricane will face upon his return. It might not be too long until we hear those words again...


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