Why Won't New Yorkers Be Quiet?

Mack RosenbergContributor IJuly 17, 2009

NEW YORK - JULY 12:  Luis Castillo #1 and Alex Cora #3 of the New York Mets look on against the Cincinnati Reds on July 12, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

First I'd like to introduce myself to the community here. My name is Mack and I am 17 years old. Here's an odd fact about me: I'm a Mets and Rams fan. Wait, I know what your thinking. Those definitely wouldn't be the best choices for a new-born sports fan. But that's just what I'm not, and hopefully you'll agree with me as you read my writing here at the Bleacher Report.

What the Mets have been through this year has been a combination of injuries, lackluster play from guys who know better, and a manager who seems to have nothing better to do then sit there and crack up in front of reporters after a loss. Clearly this is not what New York needs. 

With the current play of this ball club, fans continue to lie in despair and claim 2009 as a lost season for the Mets. Is this the right attitude? It may be. I was listening to WFAN's Boomer and Carton in the morning with Boomer Esiason and the always humorous Craig Carton. Carton, in one of his serious bits, proclaimed the Mets as a five game losing streak away from a lost season, and five game winning streak away from getting right back into it.

The problem with that statement is this team is not a consistent one. We'll win four in a row, lose two in a row, then win one, then lose three in a row. Even with the struggles we've had, I still can't see this team losing five games in a row. They did come close earlier in the month, but I think the worst of the losses may be behind us.

The most significant issue that this team has dealt with- forget what people say about the way the team is being run- is the injuries. Without the players to produce- I don't care what anyone says- there will be a lack of production. Carlos Beltran has been out since June 21, Carlos Delgado since early May, Jose Reyes since late May, and John Maine since early June. First of all, let me just say that's twenty six days since the last guy that meant something to this lineup got hurt. 26 days, folks.

People need to learn that the toll of the health concerns has been tremendous on this team's performance. All we have left is David Wright and I'm sorry but he clearly can't be relied upon to lead a club when he's the only half-way decent player on it. No one can.

The news only gets worse, as the Mets still don't know when their three offensive leaders will make their return. The long, rocky road continues for the depleted franchise.

Second to the injuries has been a cry from fans that management is gearing this team in the wrong direction. I've heard too many callers on the FAN beginning their conversation with 'Jerry and Omar have to go'.

The last thing this team needs right now is a usual New York display of dissatisfaction. What else is new? I'll be honest, I can't stand the moves that Minaya has made. However, it isn't necessary to bash him. He put the pieces in place: four players that could lead this team to a World Series ring. Three of them are gone with no date of return in the foreseeable future.

What else do I need to say, Mets fans? What else do I need to say?