Miami Heat: Trying To Welcome Newest Members; Lamar Odom & Carlos Boozer

Mike PiccoloContributor IJuly 17, 2009

Here it is!  The headline every Miami Heat fan has been waiting for!  Now lets look at the facts and see why this is a situation that can definately work for the Heat.  First of all who wouldn't want to play with Dwyane Wade?  The guy is nothing short of amazing and is only entering his prime now.  Let's be honest, when the Heat won the championship in '06, Dwyane Wade basically carried the whole team with only help by a few role players (and yes, he carried Shaq as well). 

Now let's fast-forward to the '09-'10 season AKA the present.  Lamar Odom has ALWAYS had a soft spot in his heart for the Miami Heat.  Miami was Odoms home, and Miami LOVED him.  Now he actually has a chance to come back to his "old flame" the Heat with a pretty good contract to boot.  I'd say it's almost immanent now that contract talks have ceased between the Lakers and Odom.  In fact just today Dwyane Wade was quoted as saying, "I want Lamar to do what's best for him and his family because we love him as a family, but on the other hand, we want him back home, to come home... Lamar and I always had a great relationship. He's always been the guy, one of the guys, that I really thought helped me as a young player."  Sounds like a special bond and a pretty good contract (5 years at 35 million) could lead to a match made in NBA Legendary teams heaven.  Yes, Odom would be taking a paycut from last year, but he'd also be starting not coming off the bench.  Also, Odom would be saving an enormous amount of money from the beneficial state tax situation in Florida as opposed to Los Angeles.  

Let's talk a little bit about the situation with Carlos Boozer now.  First off I'd like to say how crucial it was that the Utah Jazz met the offer for Paul Millsap by the Portland Trailblazers.  This makes Carlos being traded all but complete.  With the only two real teams in the hunt for Boozer being the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, this makes our situation even more interesting.  Let's look at the facts.  Boozer's family lives in Miami, Boozer has a REALLY good relationship with the owner of the Heat Micky Arrison and Miami could swing a 3-way-deal that would work all the way around and make a lot for sense.  The proposed deal for Boozer would send Udonis Haslem ($7.1 million) and Dorell Wright ($2.9 million) to the Jazz with Utah then shipping Wright to Memphis, which is under the salary cap and could absorb the contract.  Also, after spending basically his whole NBA career to date in Utah, I'd expect the Jazz to be more than accomodating as to where Boozer wants to go.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. 

I would hate to see Haslem go, but hey, it's Carlos Boozer we're talking about.  Dorell Wright still could develop into an amazing player, and I wish him luck with that, but for now the Heat need to be a contender to keep Mr. Wade, and this is a beautiful way to suede D Wade to stay.  Let's check out what the line-up would look like:

PG Mario Chalmers/Luther Head/Chris Quin

SG Dwyane Wade/Daequan Cook/Patrick Beverley

SF Lamar Odom/James Jones

PF Carlos Boozer/Michael Beasley

C Jermaine O'Neal/Joel Anthony/Jamal Magliore/Mark Blount

I'm sorry, but that is a late playoffs team waiting to happen.  This team would have Amazing potential to disrupt the big 3 in the east (Orlando, Cleveland and Boston).  We're talking about size that can draw the defense out of the lane (BIG GUYS WHO SHOOT 3'S!) so that Wade and others can penetrate the paint and open 3-point shooters.  Of course for now all this talk is just making my keyboard wet from all the drooling, but hey, you have to admit, this is a very VERY legit and possible scenario that Heat fans can't help but get excited over.