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LSU’s Trent Johnson to Make One Final Push to Keep J’Mison Morgan

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LSU’s Trent Johnson to Make One Final Push to Keep J’Mison Morgan

The Daily Advertiser has the scoop on Trent Johnson’s last ditch effort to keep J’Mison Morgan in Louisiana:

New LSU basketball coach Trent Johnson said Wednesday he had intentions to make a phone call later in the night to a high-profile signee who may want out…

“When I was at the (South Oak Cliff) high school and visited with the coach and the kid, and when I went into his home (two weeks ago), he said he wanted to come here,” Johnson said…

Johnson said he spoke to Morgan’s mother, Bianca Morgan, Wednesday, and she had not changed her mind from her published comments that LSU was not the right place for her son. She suggested Johnson hadn’t shown enough interest in her son, claiming she “didn’t get any calls back” from him after the coach’s visit…

“Regardless,” he stressed, “I want guys who want to be here. This is LSU. This is the first time I’ve been in a situation where the recruiting pool is this large. I’m building a program, and I want to do so with guys who want to be here.”…

Remember, UCLA cannot contact J’Mison Morgan until LSU officially releases him. Johnson will be able to talk his ear off and Howland won’t be able to retort. We should have a better idea of what is up tomorrow…

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