Global Sporting Hypocrisy: Have People Gone Mad or Are They That Stupid?

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

Over the past 12 months, we have all watched the sleeping giant (a la Manchester City) rise from its slumber, some have welcomed the arrival with neutral open arms for the giant breathes crisp freshness into a predictable but popular English Premier League but others have shunned the idea of wanting another elite club joining the elite.

The main reason the English Premier League has become the most popular league in the world is because of the dominance of the top four British clubs in Europe (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, and Arsenal) combined they muster a huge glory hungry fan base on a global scale.

Then you have the home of football, England the English way and the English people, tough tackling with 'it ain't over until I say it's over' attitude, where the under-dog if your lucky will sweat blood to destroy the giants of English football.

When I were a small boy I remember meeting up with a few buddies after school, we would role out the Subbuteo field and position our teams on the field of play, I had two teams one obviously being Manchester City FC and the other Luton Town FC in black and white, I was given Luton by a friend so I had a bit of variety I guess seeing as he had almost every single team possible.

Subbuteo taught me one thing, that its not always about winning, its about playing the beautiful game, I never really understood why I hated players like Roy Keane so much until after I learnt this lesson.

Anyway now that Manchester City have finally awoken it seems the world truely has gone bonkers:

City trying to buy trophey's and title's.

Is that not what every successful football club in the world has done already themselves?


City trying to buy their way into the Champions League.

Again is that not the only way into the Champions League, by paying for good enough players to get you there?


City killing football.

How on earth are City killing football, last I looked football was alive and well fighting fit?


City not a great club and have no history.

City was founded in 1880, Chelsea was founded in 1905, 25 years after, even Liverpool were not founded until 1892, 12 years after Manchester City.

To me clubs like Nottingham Forest FC and Manchester City FC are big clubs, I will educate you a bit more by stating Manchester City FC hold the English club record of highest ever attendance, 84.569 in English football set v Stoke City in 1934.

Manchester City FC were the first English club after World War II to field an Ex German prisoner of war named Bert Trautmann who served as a Paratrooper in the Luftwaffe, he gained strong opposition but gave his all, even played through the last 15 minutes of an FA Cup final with a broken neck for City who went on to win in 1956.

In total made 545 appearances for Manchester City FC.

Since 1898 City have win the Premier League title two times, First Division seven times, Second division once, FA Cup four times, League Cup twice, Charity Shield three times and the European Cup Winners Cup once.

Manchester City FC were so so so so small after World War II that the mighty Man United had to come begging City to allow United to rent City's Maine Road stadium as Old Trafford was bombed by the Germans.

Here's a few video's to educate and entertain.

1989 Derby & 2004 FA Cup



City inflating the transfer market

£32 Million for Robinho, that's one player V a lifetime of Man United blowing other clubs out of the water.

How much did Rio Ferdinand cost from Leeds United? How much did the flop Berbatov cost exactly? And he is not even half the striker Robinho is.

Then there is selling Kaka to Real Madrid for how much? Tut tut AC Milan, remember we 'City' may of bid but we did not buy so if it did not happen then it did not happen.

Then Ronaldo to Real Madrid for how much? Who exactly is inflating prices here. Am I the only one smelling the stink coming from the swamp named Old Trafford left by the wrinkly old Scot Ferguson, the stink of hypocrisy.


Big players won't come to City.

Robinho, Carlos Tevez, Gareth Barry, the door is open and more will come.


City are not entitled to anything.

Then that will make it all the more sweeter.


The English Premier League

Many are talking up the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka to La Liga as the fall of the English Premier League, I think they are totally bonkers to think such a thing as now the English Premier League have become one stronger, more competitive and now the other 14 clubs in this league are thinking 'well if City can do it maybe one day we can do it too.'

Even Crystal Palace FC are dreaming the dream currently in the Championship, Portsmouth FC also are flirting with the dream of following City, City have injected a freshness into English football, a belief that with a little luck, bit of fortune and a lot of faith, it really is possible.

No club is bigger, no club is smaller, football is like life. Its a struggle for some and a luxury for others so with that said I will not be forgetting the struggle because that is what made Manchester City FC who we are today.

What has the world come too.

On another note I'm loving the fact Manchester City FC are taking Pro Man United newspaper The Sun to court for lying through their back teeth as usual with the suspect author being a Man United fan, there was me thinking you could only spot them on Cops with Cams, Police Interceptors, Road/Street Wars or Crimewatch UK.

I just purchased my new thicker skin, the Ultra blue mark II from Ebay.


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