Twins 13, White Sox 1: The Good, Bad, and Indifferent

JJ SSenior Writer IMay 7, 2008

Box Score

Congratulations to Carlos Gomez on hitting for the cycle! 




Mike Downey

This whole "blowup doll" scandal is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. It's been blown out of proportion by a paper that runs ads (and columns by Jay Mariotti) that are infinitely more sleazy than two harmless blowup dolls in a MLB clubhouse. Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune called the Sun-Times out on this in perfect fashion.


Octavio Dotel & Boone Logan

Dotel and Logan came in after Buehrle gave up his seven runs and didn't allow a run in 2.1 combined innings of work.

There's really not much to say here—they threw strikes and hit their spots, and the results are an indication of that. 




The offense

Livan Hernandez had a great game today. Nobody is doubting that. 

But when pitcher after pitcher have great games against your offense, something is up.

The White Sox scored seven runs yesterday and needed to come out today and score a good number of runs. Even if it was three, four runs, anything but getting shut out to keep the momentum that they had yesterday going for the next few games.

So, of course, the Sox failed to score a run in today's ballgame until the ninth inning when Jermaine Dye hit a meaningless solo home run. 

I recognize that the Sox probably were not going to win this game with their starter alllowing seven runs. But a bit of offensive life would have been nice for a team that has struggled so mightily to do anything at the plate for nearly two weeks now.

To make the insufferable "2005!" reference, back when the Sox won the World Series, their offense wasn't great—but every day, they came out and would scratch across at least two or three runs, which was enough for the White Sox starters to win the games. 

On the whole, the White Sox are getting excellent starting pitching this year. The offense just doesn't show any signs of life in most of those well-pitched games, and if they did, the Sox would easily be a 20-win team by now. 

A side note: AJ Pierzynski is not included in this. He went 3/4 today and had the right approach against Hernandez.


Mark Buehrle

After pitching so well against Toronto last week, Buehrle came out today and pitched poorly today, allowing seven runs (all earned) on nine hits and three walks in six innings of work.

Buehrle was consistently leaving his pitches over the plate, and for a guy who isn't going to blow you away, that combination of poor location and an upper-80's fastball is toxic.  

He just needs to hit his spots better, plain and simple. He didn't today, and the Twins took advantage of it. 


Ehren Wassermann & Nick Masset

It's understandable that they combined to allow six runs to score in the ninth, considering there was really no reason for either of them to pitch well.

But that doesn't exonerate them for giving up these runs, which was adding major insult to major injury in today's game.




Nothing here. The Sox lost 13-1 today. That's absolutely embarrassing. Maybe, just maybe, this is the game that finally lights a fire under this team, though. Getting embarrassed by this can lead to two things: the Sox either stay like this and continue to play horrible baseball, or they wake up and start playing better. This is rock bottom, folks, regardless of the win yesterday. Losing 13-0 to a division opponent is about as worse as you can get.