The Fixer: More Repairs!

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

All right its time for more complaints on things that need fixed in the greatest display of athleticism: Wrasslin!

There are places where booking agents have an opportunity and are more or less dropping the ball.


Okay so we have a examples of the people in the Divas division jobbing to over glorified models. We have Katie Lea losing to the Bellas in a manner that is annoying.

Katie Lea as I see it is a breath of fresh air in the Divas division. She gothic, she's brunette, she has good entrance music, and oh yeah she has actual wrestling talent.

And how do they book her matches? They have her get tricked by the Bellas two weeks in a row. At this rate, Katie is going to be a face compared to the untalented Bellas who I might add always seem to trade places.

Perhaps, I'm just being a mark because I enjoy Katie Lea's look, but she deserves better than this.

Now we're onto the the next topic of She-Trips, as she has so kindly been named. Michelle McCool is so boring she may as well compete in a legitimate sport if she isn't going to work the crowd over. And we know they are making the divas roster on Smackdown job to her.

Because lets face it how can she catch Melina like that when we know Melina is as flexible as a serpent. Bad choice of animal comparison, I know, but she is flexible enough that she can get out of a faith breaker.

Let's be blunt. No one is going to remember McCool's achievements because she doesn't make people care about it. If she were a good heel, she would have the impact Randy Orton did in his winning of a title. The guy can make us hate him. McCool, on the other hand, we couldn't care less.

Now let's get to the biggest part of this rant. How is it the Knockouts can bring chairs into their matches, go hardcore, be in a cage, and show how tough they really are, yet the Divas can't be shown as tough.

I know that Divas unlike Knockouts are as I said over glorified models. But, maybe its time for the WWE to take on talent from SHIMMER, lets be honest, it would be better to assert the notion that you can be a great athlete with out being a skinny toothpick.

After all, the WWE has been known to let go of Divas because they put on a little weight.

Its time to reshape the Divas division because its getting pretty pitiful.


Alright, this is getting unwatchable. What I mean is TNA, I watch it until the last hour anymore. I barely paid attention since this whole MEM deal is so awful.

I got fed up, started my PS2 and played Smackdown Vs Raw 2009. I could book a better match...although it was a Morrison Vs. CM Punk Hell in a Cell match. I digress.

How long are they going to beat this dead horse? It's killing their ratings. These guys should be midcarders testing the new talent. To see if these guys can go over someone established.

All except Angle and Sting, these are the only two who are still able to put on good matches, when Kurt isn't doing his usually coward routine and having his minions gang up on someone else.

It has to end, this isn't being creative its doing the same crap that ruined WCW. Try and hire a fanfiction writer to come up with ideas.

After all, bad imagination is how we got Suicide, I have no idea what they were thinking with that. ARGH!!! It was watchable up until the matches with the MEM.

The only thing they have done right on TNA is the Knockout match that didn't involve The Beautiful People. More Alissa Flash and Sarita, please!

Now in the WWE there is very little they are doing wrong, outside of Raw that is. Raw is the one show that is suffering in being creative.

Oh yes, let's have the nephew of Eddie Guerrero, a young man with a lot of promise, job to Hornswoggle. Give me a break! Its really bad if the most compelling angles are in the Divas division.

We have Triple H Vs. Randy Orton for the 1,245,943,583,765,612th time, only with John "I have plot Shield" Cena inserted in the middle. Gee I wonder how this will turn out, if posters are any indicator...Cena wins. Once again overcoming impossible odds for another Superman ending!

Then there is Big Show feuding with people who are smaller than him. I think he's jealous that they will never look as old as him. Or maybe its the fact they're more athletic than him.

Seriously. Does anyone want to see him in any match, let alone a title match?

People who should be getting the US Title shot are Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger. Did they try booking a triple threat match? Of course not, this is implying Vince has an idea of entertainment.

And as of Monday night, it was official that if you put six divas in bikinis, and each is practically befitting a type of girl that guys find attractive.

No one will remember the rest of the night especially when you have a main event with Seth Green in it. I'm still foggy on what happened that night. Other than Miz owning Primo.

Come on Raw you can do better than that, save for the Bikini match. I liked that. Im still a guy after all.

Commentary Teams

Okay Im gonna be blunt once again. Fire Don West, and tell Jerry Lawler to cut the lewd comments.

Don West is a very simple reason, the guy makes me shout at my tv whenever he talks. His justification of whatever wrongs a heel does is horrible. I know he's a heel commentator. Matt Stryker is a heel, and does it in a better way.

Don just gets annoying after a while, you cant justify the MEM ganging up on Mick Foley. You just can't do it, its time to get someone on colour commentary who doesn't sound like he's so fat he cant talk without getting exhausted.

Now onto the matter with Jerry Lawler. He's wandering into Donald Trump territory, and that isn't good. Every time a divas match is going on he talks like a dirty old man about the girls young enough to be his daughter.

It's kind of revolting, in all honesty. I'm a guy and all, but its just disgusting when a guy Jerry's age is talking so perversely about girls that young.

In Closing

These are things that are affecting pro wrestling in these two major promotions at the moment. It needs to be fixed. The WWE needs to remember more than kids watch the program, and TNA needs to remember people have attention spans.

I believe its time to seriously shake things up again. Not go about it half cocked like with the draft. But that shall be saved for next time. Take care!


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