2009-10 NBA Season Preview

Andrew SContributor IJuly 17, 2009

This is my prediction for the 09-10 NBA season as of July 16th.


1. Boston Celtics- It all depends on KG's health, but they are probably the most complete team there is now that they have Sheed.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers- I actually think the Shaq trade will make them worse. He will clog up the middle where Lebron loves to drive and is much slower in transition then Big Z. I live in Arizona and his stats were very misleading from this year, with Amare out he got a lot of touches. It is hard to tell with the 2 through 4 spots in my standing and i think they are kind of interchangeable.

3. Washington Wizards- Although the Wizards are my favorite team i am trying to be unbiased and i will explain why they are ahead of the Magic in the Magic's spot. The Wizards are being higly underrated. Songaila was good but getting rid of Pech and Etan Thomas was amazing because they were just a waste of shots. Pretty much the Wizards free agent pickups for next season are Gilbert, Brenden Haywood, Deshawn Stevenson, Mike Miller, and Randy Foye. The 1st three is because they were out almost all year with injuries.

4. Orlando Magic- I think an aging Vince Carter is a downgrade from a rising Hedo. By losing Hedo, Rafer, and Courtney Lee and gaining Carter and Brandon Bass i think they are a slightly worse team. They are still in the elite though.

5. Philadelphia 76ers- People are definitely underrating them. They gave the Magic a good run in the playoffs, got a good backup point guard in J-rue Holiday, and are getting Elton Brand back.

6. Miami Heat- I am putting them here because i think they will make a big free agent pickup.(Boozer,Odom,Iverson)

7. Atlanta Hawks- I think they are a really good team but i think the East is to strong this year. Opposite to the 76ers they are being really overrated this year. If the Heat don't get a good Free Agent then the Hawks will probably jump ahead of them. I like this team a lot and think they will be great in the future, just not until the top teams age a little more.

8.Toronto Raptors- This was the Pistons but after looking into it a little more i think the Raptors are better. Not saying they are great but good enough for the 8th seed and improving fastly.



1. L.A. Lakers- This is obvious unless they don't get Odom back. then i think the Nuggets or Mav's could take this spot.

2. Denver Nuggets- Very good team which i like a lot but not much to say about them.

3. Dallas Mavericks - Shawn Marion will fit perfect in the Mav's offense and is a defensive stopper. Also knowing Mark Cuban, another big free agent signing or trade wouldn't be surprising.

4. San Antonio Spurs -Jefferson will definitely help them and i think they are the last of the possible title contenders in the West.

5. Portland Trailblazers- Like the Hawks of the West, they are a great and upcoming young team but the top teams are to good this year.

6. Utah Jazz- Again not much to say about this team.

7. Houston Rockets- Trevor Ariza is good but losing Ron Artest and Yao is a big deal. It will depend on how good T-mac is to see if they even make the playoffs.

8. New Orleans Hornets- Chris Paul is amazing, David West is good, Tyson Chandler is overrated and has character issues, and the rest of the team is very average.

This is my first article so please Comment with what you think. Tell me if you agree or tell me what you think i did wrong, Thanks!