Lebron = NBA's Version Of A-ROD?

Miles HinesCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 16:  NBA basketball player, Lebron James visits the hand and foot spa at Carol's Daughter on June 16, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

Open & Close my Maybach doors!

Please everyone just like me! David Stern (NBA), Nike and ESPN says so. I'm "So Amazing" that you should "Just Do IT" and Crown my "highlights" the best. Ask ESPY, even it said, I AM THE BEST.

        Just like A-Rod Lebron wants all to love him so badly. He is fixated on it by trying to control all situations.

Only Lebron knows how a human can be 6'9 weigh in at 275 lbs and still be able to run a 4.5 and have a 50 inch vertical jump off 1 and or 2 feet. His athleticism is like no others. Now I'm sure as hell not insinuating anything! But its hard for me to grasp how any athlete participating in a Full NBA season and then moving onto a Summer playing with TEAM USA can somehow gain 20-25 lbs during that period. This is basketball fans! You are running multiple MILES each practice and game situations.

        A-Rod has already been proved as A-Fraud since the Roids allegations & admission came out. I don't think that Lebron has ever flirted with the cycle, yet still, his Body and Raw Athleticism is unmatched.

Lebron has not won a Championship just like A-Rod, but they are both advertised as the best at their sport. They both only care about Big $money deals. Whether Sports Salary or Marketing Checks. Both players are walking Divas who need any and everyone at their beck and call for any request.

A-Rod has lost some of his fans and respect because of his antics. Lebron has been Mr. NBA Posterboy for almost a full 6 years until the Eastern Conference Finals choke job occurred. We all know what criticism followed his childish acts. We all witnessed his unapologetic response to the criticism. We all can't WITNESS the Jordan Crawford dunk!

Is this the beginning of the End for King James' Mr. Cant Do No Wrong Image?

Is Lebron becoming the New A-Rod of the NBA?