Game Over: A Rivalry Gone On for Too Long

D-KwikContributor IJuly 16, 2009

A rivalry, an ongoing altercation between two superstars or more over personal disputes.This sentence sums up the world rivalry but other words come to mind like blood, fury, passion.

These are great words you love to hear about when describing a rivalry. One of the best in history is Rock/Austin. These two men battled with each other for years. This indeed was a great rivalry.

But when you describe a rivalry as boring and stale, it's doesn't make us WWE fans happy.

If you don't know what I'm getting at, there are two clue hints I gave in this article, the headline and the picture.

Ahh now you see, I'm talking about the Randy Orton/Triple H business. Granted it was awesome for a couple of months, and it was the same when HHH turned on him in 2004.

It was exciting and had lots of promise too it. Then when I heard they were going at it again for the WWE championship last year, I thought this is going to be awesome!

I've been dying to see these two guys go back at it! And they did and it ended brutally with Triple H injuring Orton by breaking his collarbone, granted it was an accident but they played it pretty well as if HHH is trying to "maim" Orton.

This was good, I was finally relieved that these two have called it quits and are moving on in their lives. This unfortunately was not the case. Because all of a sudden when Orton came back he thought he was a superhero and could take on the Whole WWE including the McMahons!

So, he kicks CM Punk in the head, then Vince, DDT's Steph, kicks Shane in the head, then RKO's the Million Dollar Princess.

I knew it was coming and I though ahh what the hell this rivalry has some promise now. That was damn near 5 months ago. I am certainly not sayin that now. I regret it.

After Wrestlemania and Backlash I thought Orton will win the title and that'll be it, this whole thing will be done. It was for a little while, and we had to deal with Batista running around for about a month.

This my friends i took a little bit more. But when Triple H came back on Raw, that was the last straw!

I honestly can't take it anymore, and now there throwing in Super-Cena to sweeten the pot but I'm not buying it.

The only way to settle this right now is a Hell in a Cell, Loser leaves Raw match. This would probably result into Triple H moving back to Smackdown, but I'd rather see him beating up on Jeff Hardy again then Randy Orton anymore.

So WWE, do the damn HIAC-LLR match, so we can all move on with our lives.