The Five Most Ridiculous Moments In MMA History

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IMarch 4, 2017


As Monty Python used to say, "And now for something completely different..."


No.1 Heath Herring knocks out his adversary before the fights starts.

There have been probably over a million face off’s in combat sports over the past 10 years but none like this one. Don Frye and James Thompson had an amazing stare down and head mashing contest. The difference in Heath Herrings fight was that there was an actual kiss involved.

The is little doubt that just about everyone knows all about this, which is the main reason its No.1.

The truly funny aspect of it all is that after Herring’s opponent kisses him, Herring knocks him out with one shot before the fight started.

How exactly do you judge that?

Herring could be heard afterward complaining that he wasn’t a homosexual. Herring is not gay. Everyone remember that! Including you, GSP—we have all seen the way you look at him…


No.2 Matt Lindland tries to slam opponent and knocks himself out.

Yes this is true and once again, a lot of people know about it.

Matt attempted a huge suplex but unfortunately landed on his head and knocked himself out.

What more is there to say about that except it was a good win for Vitale!


No.3 Kieth Hackney wins UFC bout vs. Joe Son by pounding his privates into mush.

Every time men of any age watch this fight they are simply put into a state of mind numbing shock.

Joe Son apparently either has a cast iron “member” or he has no genitals at all. How on Earth could he otherwise withstand 20 or so direct strikes to his personals?

Over and over his privates are bashed mercilessly. Punch after punch. Blow after Blow. It was simply the most horrifying event many fans have ever witnessed.


No.4 Charles Bennett mugs for the camera and does other ridiculous things at Bushido 7.

It is well known that Bennett is a "Crazy” guy. His antics in and out of the ring are famous. At Bushido 7 however, he pulled out all the stops and became a one man circus.

He started by mugging for the camera as always, utterly ignoring the referee and the fighter in front of him. Despite this immense attention he paid to the camera it is impossible to make out what he is saying. Indeed, knowing Bennett he probably wasn’t saying anything at all.

He then starts out the fight by suckering his opponent into his corner where Bennett then uses the ropes to elevate himself and front kick his adversary in the chest. There has never been a move quite like it in any other MMA event.

He ends this fiasco by knocking out his opponent then running full speed at the ropes. He attempts to stop, but instead goes flying off into the darkness. Seriously the guy is 'touched'. He did manage to survive his flight into the abyss however, so fans of his can relax.


No.5 Michael Bisping wins a controversial decision against deaf man, and then talks smack to the guy’s back.

The clip does not show the entirety of Bispings antics but it is the best one available publicly.

This event drew a tremendous amount of ire in the direction of Michael Bisping. It was a fight in which he was tossed around like a rag doll. He was repeatedly taken down, and arguably only won thirty seconds out of the entire fifteen minute affair. Nevertheless he was given the decision over his opponent, Matt Hamill. It was such a horrible decision that many fans were literally sickened by it.

To top it off Bisping celebrated like a man possessed. He then yells and screams a bunch of trash talk at Hamill, who isn’t even facing Bisping. This is significant because as UFC fans well know, Hamill is deaf. In fact when interviewed, Hamill did not appear to have any idea what Bisping had done. Instead he proceeded to be a shining example of sportsmanship by swallowing the horrible decision and even complimenting Bisping’s performance.

Tsk, Tsk.

Thankfully for the sake of all MMA fans and Humanity in general, Henderson avenged this outrage with a thunderous knockout of Bisping that included an added forearm for additional flavor.


Well there you have it. The Top Five Most Absurd Moments in MMA History.

There are many other crazy, insane, unbelievable, and simply bewildering events that have occurred over the years but these represent the best and worst of them.