Summer Is Heating Up Action On and Off the Track

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2009

A lot of interesting topics are brewing in NASCAR since I last made a post here at Sports Jabber

Number 1) has to be Jeremy Mayfield, because this has to be the most bizarre story of them all. Did Mayfield use meth or not? Someone is lying and I can’t wait to see who it is.

Forgive me for being excited about this soap opera happening off the track and not being excited about all the action on the track, BUT this is NASCAR’s biggest story and if it continues in the direction that it is heading, it will be NASCAR’s biggest story of all time.

There are so so so many questions that need to be answered.

They need to take this to court now and sort out every aspect. Did Jeremy Mayfield’s test results come out positive? Was it just sample A and not sample B? Did NASCAR or Jeremy dilute or tamper with any of the samples? Did NASCAR not allow Jeremy to take his sample B to a facility of his choice as stated in the drug policy? What is the drug policy exactly? Jeremy says other NASCAR drivers have tested positive for drugs? Who and what drugs? Or is Jeremy lying?

NASCAR has been wrong in the past and NASCAR doesn’t like admitting that they have done wrong … nor does any sport. (IE. NASCAR’s racist suit and steroids in baseball? )

There are so many factors.

If NASCAR was right, this will definitely be the end of Jeremy Mayfield’s career in NASCAR or any form of racing. Autograph seekers might be able to get his autograph at your nearest Jack In Box.

But if Mayfield was right, I can’t even fathom the amount of money that Mayfield will be owed by NASCAR. I would think the figure would have to be higher than the 150M dollar range and that is just for starters. There is gonna be an outrageous amount of money dealt in this suit.

And unfortunately for both parties (NASCAR and Jeremy), it will be a black eye for them both. Jeremy has said himself that his career is over either way, win or lose. And this will be another damaging blow to NASCAR’s credentials about their drug policy, win or lose as well.

And unfortunately for the fans, drivers, and people that make the sport go round, this could take years for them to settle.

Number 2) Free agents shake up the sport every season and this season will be no different then any other.

Who will Brad Keselowski end up driving for next season? Rumored to go to Penske’s #12, Red Bull, Stewart Haas, or Junior Motorsports?

What about Kevin Harvick now? Is Kevin Harvick, Inc ready to move to cup? Unlikely without any manufacture support from Chevy. Will Harvick be the third wheel at Stewart Haas as rumors mention? This will be a developing story over the next couple of weeks.

Will Danica switch from the IRL to NASCAR? If she does where would she go? There have been rumors that Jack Roush is interested. But since the four car per team rule will be applied next year, Roush Racing is full but you can field a 5th team for rookies for seven races. And Jack Roush for years has expressed interest in Danica and under the Jack Roush banner she would get her experience in the Nationwide series for a full season before entering the Cup series full time in 2011.

Other options for Danica could be Hendrick Motorsports, Stewart Haas or JR Motorsports. In June a rumor floated around that Hendrick would help Dale Jr move Jr Motorsports full time to Cup in hopes he could open a seat at Hendrick Motorsports, but that was quickly denied but is still a possibility for both Dale Jr and Patrick.

Also Patrick was seen taking a shop tour at Stewart Haas which only fuels the rumor that she will be Hendrick affiliated if she switches from IRL to NASCAR. She could also move to JR Motorsports and with an open seat in the #88 Nationwide car she could drive full time for Jr and get experience and make the 7 rookie starts in 2010 in Cup.

And under the “Hendrick” scenario she most likely would get to drive full time in the Cup series in 2010 which might be what Danica is looking for.

Number 3) Tony Stewart

How good has he been this year? Spectacular would be an understatement. Who would of thought that a single person could change a team that placed 30th and under in the points standings last season to be leading the points and having Ryan Newman solidly in the Top Ten? But of course if anyone could do that, Tony Stewart could.

Number 4) Mark Martin

I could ask the same question again … Who would of thunk it? Can Mark Martin win the most races this season over anyone else? He might…

The Number 5 team is hotter than any other team right now and going into the Chase with 4 wins…possibly more…could put Mark Martin at the top of the standings and put him in position to win his first title.

Number 5) The battle to get in the chase

A few drivers are stepping it up. Kasey Kahne has now climbed to eighth and Juan Pablo is streaking top tens and is ninth. But from 10th on back to 17th, it is a dog fight and it will be that way till the last lap at Richmond in September.

Kyle Busch has fallen off the map and has seemed to have lost a lot of confidence in finishing races. He could easily slip out of the Top 10. Kyle Busch will be a story to watch as the points become tighter.

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