Josh McDaneils Pulling a Shanny With an Idiot Proof Offense??????

Anthony Allen Contributor IJuly 16, 2009

ENGLEWOOD, CO - MAY 03:  Quarterback Kyle Orton #8 particiaptes in practice during Denver Broncos Minicamp along with running backs LaMont Jordan #32, Knowshon Moreno #27 and Correll Buckhalter #28 at the Broncos training facility on May 3, 2009 in Englewood, Colorado. Moreno was the Broncos first round draft pick in the 2009 draft.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Pictured above is the new starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos and also in the same picture are three reasons his pro career may thrive and survive most other QB's. Installed with a new attitude, new coach, new uniform and new hope Kyle Orton's whole persona is seemingly transforming before our very eyes. The Question is, is it for better or for worse???? A butterfly or Jeckyl and Hyde?

In 2005 the Denver Broncos had another grizzly adams at the helm on a team that was the number two seed and had home field advantage with the colts knocked out at their number one spot. Great depth and production at the running back position nearly had Tatum Bell (920 yards) and Mike Anderson (1,014 yards) as one of the only tandems in NFL history to post 1,000 yard seasons on the same team. Rod Smith, Jeb Putzier and even Ashley Lelie had become threats at their positions respectively. Jake Plummer posted what was without question having one of his pest seasons as a pro. The Bronco Defense was the heart and soul of that team with all do respect though....

The orange "hush" defens of the '05 season had the likes of Al Wilson a fiery, powerful leader and tackler who manned middle linebacker was the heart and soul, of the body of a monstrous and destructive defense. Winning the turnover battle, rushing yards, T.O.P and ferocious hits seemed like mere destiny to the like very likes of, Ian Gold, D.J. Williams, Darrent Williams (may god rest his soul) John "the hammer" Lynch, Champ Bailey and Nick Ferguson. In fact, I can remember and so can the rest of the bronco nation remember a "few" times the defense bailed Mr. Plummer out of some pretty bone headed mistakes.

Anyone with eyes would have the presence of mind to tell you Cutler has a stronger arm then Kyle. The question that also arises in my mind is, "Ok has a QB ever showed up to play in the super bowl and Paul Tagliabue or Commissioner Goodell ever walked out said "cancel the game we will present the  Lombardi Trophy to the QB with the strongest arm???"  The answer is simple my friends............No.HELL NO! "Hello!!!!!! You play to win the game!!!!!!! HELLO!" - Herm Edwards A good way to sum up an elite arm QB with no talent around him is Carson Palmer 2006- Present. A sad case in which talent lacking what most people think it deserves....wins. Unfortunately the football gods think diffrently......Try putting a talented QB in an offense as defenseless as a baby sea lion surrounded by a pack of wolves ( HINT-HINT Jay Cutler) and the results could be catastrophic! Please see Alex Smith, Elway for his first 10-12 years, Dan Marino and even the great Brady in 2002 bit the dust a bit when his team failed to make the playoffs one year removed from their first title.

With the 12th pick in the 2009 NFL draft.......the Denver Broncos select(ED).......Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia. A move that raised more eyebrows then a midget on a basketball team. Not only was it odd that Denver drafted the 5'11 205lb back that high but the back himself and the talents he possed were in question. Despite possessing lightning quick feet, extraordinary vision, great hands and pass protection that was mentioned nationwide among scouts was over shadowed by to what some call a lack of breakaway speed. I swear this is like DEJA VU isn't it???? I mean think about it, even though he has yet to play a down in the NFL and all the same words were mentioned about another Georgia/ Denver Broncos Back. I'll let you guess who I'm talking about you are a Bronco fan right?!?!?!?! Anyway, the say murmur of doubt fell upon the ears of #30 himself and guess what????? If sticks and stones could break your bones and words could do the same........Terrell Davis must be deaf! I saw no part of what people doubted and gossiped over affect his play at all! Back to back Super Bowls and 2,000 other reasons give me this impression.

The other Draft choices selected Day one were Robert Ayers #18 overall out of Tennessee, 2nd round draft pick and personal favorite Alphonso Smith a ballhawking witty corner from Wake Forrest who guess what ladies and gentlemen of BRONCO LAND? He is a solid text book tackler!!!!! Something that a certain corner we had last year didnt do well at all!!!!!!!!!!! I'll hive ya' a hint........His name name rhymed with "say I".  A young Safety Named Darcel McBath and a TE from UNC named Richard Quinn were also selected.  More bullets to Kyle ortons "gun" if you will were added. I would like to ask some of the doubters a little question so that they can answer a few of their own. Answering a question to several of our bronco "faithful" using the term loosely for some folks, If you were in Compton stuck at a gas station in the ghetto and your car was 4 blocks away, would you walk through the ghetto with a gun but no clip or bullets? The answer that should make you wanna slap me for asking is NO! So why would you put Jay Cutler on a run first type of team with NO  receivers, a team who's leading receiver was a rookie running back????? An aging defense a line that is crossed by defensive linemen like tic-tac toe and is ALSO aging? I feel for our former hero I truly do the pressure is great! They gave up two first rounders and a few other miscellaneous things to acquire his services and haven't had a descent QB since 1985 with Jim McMahon.

In the conclusion of this informative little shpeel I must say I wrote this piece to give my fellow bronco-nauts a sense of peace of mind. If McDaniels Could take an EXTREMLY inexperienced 2nd string journeyman who hadn't started since Homecoming and make him into the hottest and most saught after QB in the 2009 offseason and Shanny could keep Jake Plummer from screwing up long enough to win the division obtain a 13-3 record, I say give the man a shot! His offense was setting massive, titanic and monstrous numbers a year ago and lead them to a very "controversial" but undefeated regular season. Controversial just doesnt say it for the likes of Baltimore and the Phiadelphia Eagles. I wouldnt ask Bart Scott how he feels about that game infront of Bellicheck. Somebody's feelings might get hurt! But bottom line floks dont look at the glass as half full or half empty for that matter! Just grab yourself a hold of that glass and enjoy the element of suprise and induldge yourself in the refreshment of your team pride and fan-hood. So Cutler is gone, excuse me but I'm repeatedly googling the word DENVER Broncos and I don't see Jay's face on the side of the helmets. "No glory nor victory  has ever been achieved without sacrifice." - King Leonidas the Spartan King.