What People Should Realize About Jeremy Mayfield and NASCAR

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJuly 16, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - APRIL 03:  Jeremy Mayfield, driver of the #41 All Sport Body Quencher Toyota, stands on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Samsung 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on April 3, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images)

It seems one of the hottest topics in sports today is Jeremy Mayfield and his positive drug test for methamphetamine. This would be his second positive test as a matter of fact.

He tested positive for the same exact drug back in May, so I find it a bit that NASCAR would find another positive test again in July.

Now, I am not trying to dispute science, but people should know that when you have a drug test, medicines can be taken before hand of course. If so, they can sort of taint your blood during the test.

I know this from personal experience. Certain medicines when combined can seem like something else in drug testing machines

If I test positive for Meth, that does not necessarily mean that I actually did—just that the machine that tested it didn't know the medicine I was currently taking at the time. If I were to take a certain medicine that has ingredients that Meth could have in it, and then I take another that has the same thing, I could easily test positive for Meth.

I didn't use it, but I tested positive anyway. See what I mean? You can, like Mayfield could have, test positive even though you didn't use.

Now, doctors know most of the time what medicines can do what. Pharmacists can tell you the exact things I am telling you now. Mayfield has an argument in the fact that he took medicines that possibly had ingredients that Meth has.

Now, this does not mean he was using Meth, just that ingredients in the medicines he took did. The drugs he used were an over the counter allergy drug and prescription drug.

Meth is a combination of drugs, so no matter how you use it, you can see the same kind of ingredients in say, Claritin. Meth, however, is not as good for you as Claritin is of course.

I also wonder how NASCAR feels about Mayfield. Are they bitter because he tested positive? Realize though, that they didn't test Mayfield again after repeated volunteering by Mayfield himself after the first test.

So they had to wait, right? See, for a drug to be out of your system, it takes a least a week or more. They had a trial and everything else to go through, so NASCAR didn't test him again. They waited a month.

I would think that they did it to make it believable. See, because they waited, they could have made a false test. He would have had plenty of time to get the supposed Meth out of his system, so by testing positive again it would be believable by law.

Also, they bring in his "stepmother" and we are supposed to believe everything she says?

For all we know, they could have had a falling out. She could have never liked him and want him to suffer in life for all we know.

She says that she saw him use Meth several times over the years. Really?

This is the first I have heard of a stepmother from Mayfield's family, and this is significant, because normally if family members are close then they are mentioned several times.

How could she have seen Mayfield use Meth if they were not close or around each other often?

I am sure he doesn't live with her, so he would use Meth at home like a normal druggy. If not, he would use it somewhere away from his family at least, especially away from his stepmother and others.

I feel Mayfield has a point in saying she was paid off, because she easily could have been.

NASCAR wants Mayfield gone, so wouldn't you think that they would do anything to see that come to pass?

Mayfield supposedly tested positive for Meth in May, then NASCAR drivers were in an uproar about not racing against him. Sponsors even pulled out!

So NASCAR was losing money, and also they were hearing a lot from drivers and others. So don't you think they would try to get rid of Mayfield? I think so.

I have seen some dumb people, but Mayfield wouldn't be this dumb.

He just got the ruling to drive again, and he is under a microscope by NASCAR. So he wouldn't be dumb enough to test positive again, especially so soon. If this were a year or so later, then I could believe it a little more.

However, how can you believe it now? Sure, he failed a drug test before. But that does not mean he will fail everyone, especially the very next one!

I think NASCAR got smart, they found a person in his family that didn't like him who they could pay off in his "stepmother," and got what they needed from her.

People need to realize that this does not mean it is law. There are a lot of holes in the statement.

I say don't believe the hype—it is way overrated. Mayfield is most likely being cheated by NASCAR because they want him gone, and fast.

It is easy to hate a guy like Mayfield, but throw your hatred aside and use your deductive part of your brain.

I am by no means supporting Mayfield's use (if he did) of Meth. It is wrong, and can kill you. No one should use it, and I feel if you do use it you're only going down a road of sure death.

Mayfield may just be a victim here. Think of this—when is the last time you heard of NASCAR and its "wonderful" drug testing program?