What Bobby Lashley Means to the Future of TNA

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2009

Bobby Lashley has signed with TNA and is rumored to be appearing at TNA's PPV Victory Road.

We saw him make an appearance early this year at Lockdown and the following episode of Impact.

The question now is: what does this mean for TNA and their future?


1. Will Bobby stay face or go heel?

Lashley was a face with the WWE and was great at it, even though the fans said he was the next Goldberg, he still was good and exciting to watch. If Lashley comes back as a face then he will be in title contention effective immediately.

Lashley will turn into a powerhouse with them and will be the top guy to go to in the company months after he arrives.

If he would to turn heel then it would get interesting, because I have never seen Bobby as a heel and wonder what it would be like for him.  I want to see how he takes that role and that heat in the wrestling world. 

It might be different from the heat in the MMA world. I doubt I will see Bobby as a heel but TNA can do what WWE hasn't and surprise us.


2. Will we see Lashley vs Angle?

This a match that I have wanted to see ever since Lashley came in. I watched WWE Confidential and saw Lashley training at a facility that Kurt Angle used during his Olympic years. 

It is going to be good to see someone keep up with Angle's style of wrestling. I expect to see Angle vs. Lashley at Bound for Glory in the main event for the TNA World Championship.


3. Will Lashley bring the MMA style to TNA?

As I listen to the radio show for Bobby Lashley, I heard Dixie Carter will help further his MMA career any possible way she can.

I think we might see matches with Bobby like we saw with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in the MMA-type matches. Bobby Lashley is a freak of nature and will show it in the wrestling ring as he did in MMA.


4. How long will Lashley be around?

I know that he will work four days out of the month plus the PPV, so that is five days out of the month and I doubt he will do house shows. He will be working to make it in the MMA and one day UFC.

How is that going to work?

I am guessing he signed a short deal and if his MMA doesn't get going, which I doubt will happen, he will wrestle full-time.

If MMA works out like I know it will, then I see him going to UFC and going against guys like Lesnar, Mir and maybe even Kimbo but that's a big maybe.

I see Lashley helping them out in the near future but how long will that be, that is something we will have to sit back and watch.

Conclusion: I expect to see Lashley dominate in TNA and go forward with his MMA career as he will get the better of both deals because if one doesn't work out then he has the other.

I see TNA growing from this and MMA but at the end of all this Lashely like his size wins BIG.

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