Has It Been Forgotten in History: Lesnar Vs Holly Royal Rumble 2004

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2009

When I saw Hardcore Holly neck hit the mat that night on SmackDown, I knew it was broken.

A man doesn't give up, and Holly didn't on that night. He showed he was a man by finishing the match with a broken neck. He lost the match but won my respect that night.

Hardcore Holly was out for a year until he came back after being out for a little over a year with a mission, get back at Brock Lesnar after his neck had been broken thanks to Lesnar's lack of awareness in the ring, and how he had Holly positioned.

This was a match was highly anticipated as they set it up for the Royal Rumble in the coming weeks.

Holly's push for the WWE Championship was long overdue as I was hoping they would have put the title around him, even though I knew it wasn't going to happen.

I got to see the serious side of Holly, and some thought that he truly looked like he was going to win the title with the run he was on when he came back.

I go back to when Lesnar broke Holly's neck. How reckless can one man be?

He could have killed someone like he almost did with A-Train.

I have to say that Brock is one of the most reckless wrestlers in history.

Brock Lesnar is the "Biggest Flop in Wrestling History". Period.

I enjoyed the match at the Royal Rumble even though it should have went a little longer.

Holly showed the "IT" factor that so few superstars have in a mach. It was all to make it great, but to me, it was a fill in title match because it was so short.

I was hoping the WWE would do the unexpected but they were so high on a guy that was going to leave a few months from then.

I would have loved to see the styles of Holly vs Guerrero at No Way Out. I'd love to see something like that, because no matter who would have won out of the two, we were going to see a great match at WrestleMania XX. WE could see the underdog beat the odds on the biggest stage of them all in the greatest building ever.

"What could have been" is the question now and we wil never know.

In the lead up to WrestleMania XX, it was so tremendously hyped. Yet in the end the best matches were the two World Championship matches. They were supposed to help build hype so people would watch the under card matches. Yet, because they were so bad, it really wasn't needed.

The match at the Royal Rumble was to show how dominate Brock was to set up his match at No Way Out.

Hardcore Holly is one of those guys who deserved a World title, and you might think I am crazy, but it's true; he truly earned it.

If you think about it, Chavo Guerrero was an ECW Champion. Really?

Great Khali was a World Heavyweight Champion. Really?

My point is that most of you already know that some of these guys are not deserving of the title, yet people that are don't get it.

I would have been happy with Hardcore winning the ECW Championship because that title would fit him.

The WWE and how it works would rather put a title around Chavo, and don't get me wrong I like Guerrero, but Chavo is not World Champion material.

Great Khali as World Champion? Enough said.

Fact is that this could have built up a great rivalry between these two into No Way Out and adding a third party.

The matches that Holly was in were great, he is a ring general, and he has earned the chance to hold the World Title strap. 

Holly, who had been with the company for 15 years was released in late 2008.

This a match was one that I will never forget because it showed a lot of toughness from a well deserving Champion in Hardcore Holly.

Lesnar breaks Holly's neck.

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