Chris Jericho's Tag Partner: Aren't We Forgetting Someone?

JSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2009

Let me start by saying I am not all that bothered with the hype currently surrounding Chris Jericho's new tag team partner.

It's a pretty interesting scenario, but to say continually hearing of the matter is becoming mind-numbing is an understatement.

Am I therefore a hypocrite for writing an article about it? Perhaps. But I feel that despite the countless predictions and theories surrounding the matter, many have failed to put certain pieces of the WWE puzzle together to get the picture I’m seeing.

First, let's quickly recap the current situation. I stress quickly as I’m sure most of you know the story by now.

At The Bash Chris Jericho and Edge won the Unified Tag Team Titles from the Colons in an impromptu triple threat, seemingly screwing the members of Legacy from a title which should have been theirs.

Ted DiBiase got in a huff about the situation, and his relationship with Randy Orton of late has been wavering.

Regardless, a match for the title was set up for Night Of Champions between Edge & Jericho and Rhodes & DiBiase.

In the meanwhile, Edge got injured, and hence will be unable to compete in the match.

Jericho has issued a statement that the match is still scheduled, but his new partner will not be announced until the pay-per-view.

Since then, the rumor mills have been working overtime as to who it will be.

I think I can add a little more fuel to that fire.

See if you can solve the puzzle, and figure out where I’m going with this:

Puzzle piece No. 1…

In late June of last year, Legacy was a mere twinkle in Randy Orton’s eye.

Cody Rhodes was a tag team champion with Hardcore Holly, and Ted DiBiase Jr. was yet to have his in ring debut on live WWE television.

The two would then pull a fast one on Holly, tricking him out of his half of the title, and strapping it on Ted.

Legacy would ensue.

Puzzle piece No. 2…

Towards the end of the year, The Marine 2 is set to hit DVD racks in all good media outlets worldwide.

Ted DiBiase Jr. stars, and will undoubtedly be required to fulfil many duties in the promotion of the film.

Many believe that he will have to turn babyface before this event, to aid the saleability of the product, and boost profits.

To some extent I agree with this prognosis.

This puts his position in Legacy in jeopardy, as it is a heel stable. Most feel a split is imminent.

Puzzle piece No. 3…

Jericho is currently a heel within the world of the WWE.

Ergo, his partner should be a heel. Not really strenuous logic there.

Puzzle piece No. 4…

The meteoric success of Randy Orton has enviably got many talking about the future of the Legacy members.

Much of this attention has been focused on Ted DiBiase, speculating at a potential Hall of Fame career, and even the suggestion he could end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak.

So where do all these pieces of information point? Who do I think will be Jericho’s partner?

If you haven’t figured where I’m going with this I don’t blame you.

But based on all the evidence, my theory is that Cody Rhodes will be Chris Jericho’s partner.

(Cue dramatic music)

Cody is probably the least respected member of Legacy at the moment, so he has plenty of motivation to do it.

If he is to succeed in the WWE, he will have to set himself apart from Legacy, and begin showing us why we want to see him on our screens.

This move would certainly make a statement, and would undoubtedly help him cement a place in the business for years to come.

The title run with Jericho would not do him any harm either.

Jericho would see this as a sound opportunity as well, as if he takes Rhodes as his partner, he can ensure he will walk away from Night Of Champions as a champion.

The man isn’t stupid.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cody pulled the same trick on DiBiase that they pulled on Holly, and sided with Jericho to assure he walked away with tag team gold?

You might ask why Ted couldn’t pull the same trick on Cody, but that would be a step in the wrong direction if he is to turn face.

Jericho is hardly the guy to side with if you don’t want some heat.

Everyone also assumes that because Ted will be the one to turn face, it will be he who splits the faction.

Not necessarily true.

I think it is patently obvious that this move by Cody would spell doom for Legacy, and would also accommodate DiBiase turning babyface.

All the pieces fit, but whether the WWE go down this route is another story.

Edge’s injury will have come as a shock to the writers, so the storyline they now have planned for Jericho will have been devised very recently.

I would hope that the WWE writers have a long-term plan and direction for Legacy, and aren’t just making it up as they go along.

In that respect I hope I am wrong, as changing the plans for Legacy on a whim could prove disastrous.

They are a hot commodity in the WWE, and souring that now will not bode well for them.

I think I have successfully added another name to the list of potential partners, but feel free to argue or agree.


Dan Telek has spotted that the silhouette on the WWE's website of Jericho's mystery partner looks a lot like Ted DiBiase's. Just check the article picture for evidence.

Coincidence? Who knows.


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