The One Win Brett Favre Will Never Get

jeff ircinkCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 14:  Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets walks on the field against The Buffalo Bills during their game on December 14, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Much has been written about the quarterback from Mississippi. Too much to some people. Never enough to others. He’s often called “gunslinger” and “ironman”, and has been accused of having a love for the game of football matched by few and, in the process, making the game “fun” to watch. He’s also been called “selfish”, “diva”, “waffler” and "quitter" (Kevin Hench of said that last one) and "slimeball", "slimebag" and "celebuskank" (those are from Mark Kriegel and as well) – monikers that have been bestowed on Favre ever since he retired from the Green Bay Packers after the 2007 season and a loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in the NFC Championship. Those nasty monikers given Favre ever since he then unretired and got entwined in that nasty divorce from the Green Bay Packers, got traded to the New York Jets, and retired again after the 2008 season with them.

If you pay attention to football we all know the things that have been written and said about Brett Favre. The good and the bad. And depending on what “camp” you’re in – pro-Favre or anti-Favre, the opinions of this future Hall of Famer are varying. I’m not here to continue to rehash what’s already been rehashed ad nauseum. As I’m in the Favre camp, you know how I feel on the subject. I’m attempting to be objective – not argue – and just state the obvious. And it’s this “revelation” that makes everything else said about Brett Favre one big, fat, mute point.

It’s this…and it’s very simple. For those of you who don’t like Favre, he is, in your minds, the Charlie Brown of losing and you will never like him no matter what he does. If Brett ends up playing with the Minnesota Vikings this year and the Vikings don’t make the playoffs as they did last year, Brett’s a loser. If they make the playoffs but don’t get further than they did last year, Brett’s a loser. If they make the Super Bowl and faulter, Brett’s a loser. If they make the Super Bowl and win it, the Favre-haters will say, Brett's a loser 'cause he really didn’t do much this year but hand off the football to Adrian Peterson – Favre doesn’t deserve the credit.” If they win the Super Bowl, Brett’s a loser because the Vikings would’ve made it with QB's Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenefels – the team was that good anyway. If the Vikings win the Super Bowl, finally – Brett wins a 2nd ring and he’ll finally retire and all the Favre-haters will finally be rid of him. Thank God, goodbye...Brett the loser.

And if Brett decides not to play for the Vikings because he doesn’t feel his physical performance would be quite at 100% considering his bicep surgery he had in the off-season, you’ll say all the media hype was for nothing…Brett stayed retired after all; therefore, Brett Favre’s a loser.

See? No matter the scenario…no matter if Brett Favre does everything RIGHT, he will always be a loser in the minds of the Favre-haters. He can never win that game.