Shirtless Dodgers Fan Basks in the Glory of Afternoon Baseball

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2014


You see that over there? That hillock of beige and hot shorts cooking in the California sun?

That, my friends, is leisure incarnate—an uncommon sight, but one that fans at Dodger Stadium were treated to during Wednesday's Dodgers-Nationals game.

Twitter user @Gregofla (h/t Pete Blackburn of NextImpulseSports) caught sight of the shirtless wonder simmering in the stands. Splayed out next to a jumble of beer cans, the man heedlessly collected rays and envious glances.

He found his beach. He is a living "Whatever's Comfortable" commercial.

Who is this man? Where have we seen him before? Why is he so chill?

I have my theories.


Indeed, this man was a rum ham away from winning everything. Then again, as Complex pointed out, his coma could've been induced by something more sinister.

Stay golden, Frank Reynolds look-alike man. You're the finger in the eye of every keyboard jockey sitting inside on a fine, late summer day.

We should all be so comfortable in our skin.


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