For a Few Dollars More...Talks Break Down Between Lakers and Lamar Odom

Steve ClemmonsContributor IMarch 17, 2017


I tried to give this advice to Trevor, but he didn't listen to me. He is a grown man and so are you. I am only trying to help you out. I can only say this so many times, but the agent WORKS FOR YOU!

Jerry Buss, the Lakers' team owner, gave the OK to raise the ante to more than $9 million from more than $8 million last week. Buss became upset that Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak did not get a yea or a nay from Schwartz, the source said. Los Angeles Daily News

You don't have to talk to the GM, your agent is supposed to be the line of communication. All you had to do was to have your agent pick up the phone. It's their responsibility and it sounds like Jeff Schwartz has dropped the ball.

This guy would have reached out and talked to you....You would have known what Lamar wanted...
This guy would have reached out and talked to you Mitch....You would have known what Lamar wanted...

See, Lamar, that is the type of firm you need to represent your interests.

Sources told that Odom and the Lakers had reached an accord entering the weekend on a per-season wage of $9 million for the 29-year-old. But Odom balked at L.A.'s unwillingness to extend an offer spanning more than three years in length and spent the past few days weighing his options.

Ramona Shelburne: Lakers offer to Odom was either three years and $30 million or four years and $36 million. Odom rejected both.

Marc Stein: Odom and the Lakers had agreed on money when L.A. pulled the offer on the table: $9 million annually. Years are the issue, we're told.

Many in the Lakers' organization believe that Odom wants to accept Buss' offer -- and so do those close to Odom -- but he has failed to convince his agent. Los Angeles Times

Why are you going to blow a perfectly good thing? The Lakers want you. You want to be in L.A.  So what is the problem? 

This is not Trevor Ariza, where they only want to offer you the mid-level deal. That is what the other teams who are chasing you can pay. 

The Lakers are offering a decent salary, especially in this economy. You can make the same money in fewer years with the Lakers, over the other deals offered.

Greed. Plain and simple.

Yes, your money goes farther in other places. But, can you put a price on your happiness? 

Okay, we all can, but for someone like yourself, you already have a good amount of money. Is a few million dollars worth cementing a place in history? 

The Lakers have the ability to repeat and without you, those chances take a big hit.  But, the places you are talking about going have a much lower chance to reach the promised land. You are not remembered for your contract, unless you are a bust, like this dude was when I was a kid.

This dude signed a 13 million dollar contract back in 85
This dude signed a $13-million contract back in '89

Wiki explains who this guy is...

Though a reliable defender for much of his career, Koncak is perhaps best remembered for the six-year, US $13 million contract he received from the Hawks in 1989 - an unprecedented total for a reserve. The deal was roundly criticized since it paid Koncak more than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. His large contract prevented the Hawks from taking part in any other major free agent signings for several years. As a result, he earned the derisive nickname "Jon Contract."

Don't get remembered for holding out for a few shekels more. It has to be about the rings when you have already made millions.