Seattle Seahawks Go 12-4 : Dreams May Come True This Upcoming Season

T. ColletteContributor IJuly 15, 2009

The Autumn winds are complete and the NFL season is in full swing, and my Seahawks are 6-0 so far for the 2009 season.

I'm at the game drinking a Coors light with my Seahawks beanie on my head, letting it all hang out, and i literally mean, hanging it all out.  My shirts off and i'm acting like a complete ass,waving my little green pom pom, rooting on the team i have watched since I was a teenager in 1976. Ah, the days of losing seasons are finally over. Or are they?

I can dream my little dream and my Seahawks will always come out winners, every time! Hey, it's my dream, I can have it turn out anyway I want! Jim Mora has had a very successful first season as head coach, ending up with a 12-4 record, and he wins the Super Bowl against the Steelers, of course!

No excuses this time around that we were robbed of a Super Bowl victory by the referees, who made every call in the book for the Steelers that dreadful day. This time the Seahawks win 34-13 and I'm basking in the glory of stomping our old enemies, the Steelers.

Then I awake from my dream and realize it is only July and the Seahawks haven't played a single game yet.

Well back to reality, and real life as a Seahawks fan! We obviously had our worst season in a long time and it stung badly by mid season last year. But i have a lot of optimism for our upcoming season with the new coaching staff and Rookies, not to mention some of the great free agents we added in the off season.

With the Houshmandzadeh guarantee of a winning season, what could possibly go wrong you ask?

You can always find weaknesses in any team but to start nit picking at everything that has happened this off season is to be negative and we can't have any of that here.

The Seahawks added Aaron Curry in the 1st round 4th pick of the NFL Draft this year, and i personally think it was a great addition to the line backing core of Leroy Hill and Lofa Tatupu (strongest in the league). We have gained more strength in our secondary also, with the addition of Ken Lucas who plays physical ball and has the weight and height to do what we lacked last season, stopping the long ball.

It was starting to get old watching every receiver from every team burn our secondary last season. I think Colin Cole and Corey Redding will bring the size needed to stop the run and give teams the least amount of options in the run. Then the passing game of opposing teams needs to be curtailed with a strong rush from our front defensive line. If we can accomplish these things we can be competitive.

Likewise Matt Hasselbeck must stay healthy for us to be a contender, Walter Jones is also a big factor in this equation, his health is imperative to keep the rush off of Hasselbeck.

The rushing game I believe will still struggle with Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett in the backfield, unless Jones has a stellar 1000 yard season like he had in Dallas, we are in trouble with any type of running game. Defenses would be putting Matt into some tough situations he would rather not be in.

The Seahawks can have a very effective passing game that most teams would be hard pressed to keep up with, but the Preseason will be a precursor to what is to come.

As a Seattle Seahawks homer I believe we can and will win games this season, lot's more than last year. The question is, who will step up to the plate and lead this team in the post Mike Holmgren era?