What Is Happening at Miletich?

Ez PalingContributor IJuly 15, 2009

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL - MAY 18:  Igor Zinoviev of the Chicago Red Bears jostles Pat Miletich of the Quad Cities Silverbacks during the IFL weigh-in for the fights between the Condors versus the Razorclaws and the Red Bears versus Silverbacks at Buffalo Wild Wings May 18, 2007 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images for IFL)

Is Greg Jackson’s camp the new Miletich camp?

Okay you can argue this point but a couple of years ago,Pat Miletich(MFS) had some of the top guys coming out of their camp – Hughes, Fisher, Lawler, yes even Sylvia was top dog at one point.  Even Pat Miletich himself continues to fight some good fights.  It was renowned for being one of the toughest, most disciplined training camps out there.

This is the part of the article where I was going to delve deeper into Greg Jackson and Jackson MMA and how I believe they are now one of the top training camps, but now I will save that for another time because I then started wondering what the downfall with MFS was.  Was it when Jeremy Horn left to start his own gym or maybe when Matt Hughes left to open his?  I’m not really sure but there are some really questionable things going on there.

Let’s start with Drew McFedries pointed comments at the UFC 98 post interview.  To sum it all up, he said that he didn’t get a lot of help from MFS and that it was sad.  He said that it was actually Matt Hughes’ H.I.T. squad that helped him train and prepare.  Pat Miletich, of course, refutes this.  His side of the story is that McFedries turned down multiple offerings from the MFS fighters to help him and accompany him to the fight and wanted a public apology from McFedries.  McFedries then says that his frustration came from problems trying to get MFS fighters to corner him and has since “talked it out with those guys.”  However, McFedries has been asked to leave the MFS and “explore other options so he can appreciate what he had here” according to Pat Miletich.

A complete Hatfield/McCoy feud with Spencer Fisher who opened up a gym nearby MFS.  A lot of fighters have left MFS to train at Fisher’s new gym.

Then there is the no love lost between Pat Miletich and Dana White.  There was an ESPN special aired E:60 that has just added fuel to that fire.  Pat Miletich has accused Dana White of, in not so many words, being a liar and being focused on crushing other people’s lives and businesses.  Dana White’s response?  “Pat Miletich is a !@#ing dummy!”

One could and should argue that there are always three sides to every story – yours, mine and the truth – but this following headline will just take the cake and make you scratch your head.

One June 11th, a judge issued a restraining order against one Pat Miletich on behalf of an EIGHTY year old woman!!    Take a look for yourself people.


What is going on here?