New South Wales 1, Mickey 2

Jardine PattenContributor IJuly 15, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you the reason why the Blues lose games in the annual State of Origin series.

It isn't that the Queensland side is that good, or that the New South Wales selectors can't pick a side if their life depended on it (which for next year, it should). It is because the man in the photo either goes to the game, or watches it at the pub with me and my friends. Let us call him... Mickey.

You don't think that one insignificant man can be the reason? And that i'm drunk?

Before our friend Mickey was invited to an Origin game in 2007, me and my friends had never seen a losing game when we went to them. Draws, yes. Losses, no.

When we lost the game that year that we attended, we blamed Mickey immediately. Hell, we were drunk, angry and needed an target for our abuse.

Mickey was it.

The next year, we didn't invite him and we won. When he watched the next game at our friends house... we lost.

We didn't exactly have proof that he was a jinx until this year, when he attended the pub to watch Game I. We lost.

Game II, he was re-invited along with a few other friends. We lost.

But Game II went so far as to prove our theory beyond all doubt. Whenever Mickey was out of site, and had gone to the toilet or to get another beer, the Blues would score and would generally be playing good football.

When he came back, a New South Welshman would drop the ball near our line, allowing a Queenslander to score.

Game III, where was he? At home... or something. He didn't come out to the pub with us, because we told him he wasn't allowed. What happened? We won.

Coincidence? I think not!

Is there some magical force driving the Blues to lose when Mickey appears? Perhaps.

Perhaps there is some God, that sits on a stack of clouds in the sky (where else would clouds be, I don't know) making the Blues lose when he notices that Mickey is there, watching in hope that we might send the young man to him soon... perhaps.

So, the experts can go on and say that this is the greatest Queensland side of all time, and that is the reason why they win. But I know the truth.

I feel tempted to invite him to one of next years games, as we plan to go to all three, just to see if our theory is correct and that it is him.

But then again... I want to win next years series. And giving Queensland a handout win by having Mickey there again is not the best start.


Note: The names of the accused have been changed, any resemblance to those living or deceased is purely coincidental... huh?