Awful Fan Murders Innocent Beach Ball at Arizona vs. UNLV Game

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2014


We can’t have anything nice anymore.

For reasons we’ll never fully understand, a cross section of human beings are born on this planet without the capacity to enjoy anything. They frown at birthday candles, despise dancing and smack pay phones off their receivers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

They are Fun Suckers, and one from their ranks ruined a good time in progress at Friday’s college football season opener between the University of Arizona and UNLV.

The incident occurred when one Arizona fan intercepted a beach ball making its way around the stadium and crushed it underfoot.

Redditor @DannyMB87 (h/t’s Pete Blackburn) spotted footage of the man and his callous act. He is a no-good, cargo-short-wearing schlub, and he must be brought to justice.

The worst part of this entire exchange might be the perpetrator’s self-congratulation after popping the ball. He gives himself a hand and encourages others to do so, as if he did something novel or benefitting the community.

Let’s be clear: This man did nothing more than ruin a good time for the sake of being a contrarian. He’s the football equivalent of the jackwagon who deliberately ended a pay-it-forward line at a Starbucks and acted like he saved the public from a rising menace.

You did not save anyone from anything, Wildcats bro. You popped a child’s balloon. Just check out the kid giving you a thumbs down.


For shame. For shame.


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