The Verdict Is In: In a World Where Many Win, Many More Fail

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 15, 2009

Have you ever wondered what's wrong and what's right? Have you ever wanted justice? Have you ever wanted to know the difference between plausible and downright ridiculous?

Look no further—it's time to re-establish reality, redefine the foundation, and break down the walls of deception. In a world where everyone can't have it their way (only Burger King provides that), something has to give. In a world where many win, many fail.


R-rated Disaster

If Chris Jericho's "Save.Us" code was ever needed now would be the time. Everyone knows by now that Edge has been injured unless you've been under a rock. WWE tried to inject some insulin into the sugarless tag division in an attempt to sweeten the pot.

It was a so-so idea to many including myself at first, but who's not to have optimism when two top talents are holding the unified tag team championships. The moment Edge went down the search began for Jericho's next partner and thus the wild rumors for Jericho's next partner. Many were discussed, but three stuck out. Let's take these theories to court, shall we?

Chris Masters supposedly re-signed with the WWE after Randy Orton recommended him to the higher ups. Most stars are already tied up in feuds and Masters might not have someone to lock horns with. Masters also hasn't the received the instant classic hype which could be very useful as his return isn't anticipated and could end up being surprising.

Wouldn't Jericho's partner be someone closer to his level or at least someone who could easily shift into another feud after the team has split. Would WWE be ready to give Masters a major boost already? No test matches, no test feud, just rolling the dice without making sure Masters can fill the void and get the job done. 

I believe the the cons outweigh the pros, but WWE loves nothing more than the element of surprise though there's already a handful of people picking Masters as the partner.

Verdict: Possible



Next up to the stand is none other than Captain Charisma hailing from Peep City. Every time there's even the slightest chance of an Edge and Christian program the peeps start peeping, beeping, stop sleeping, leaping, stop eating, and tweeting on how the reunion is on the way.

Pros? I don't believe there are any, so I'll use the the ones I've heard.

He'll finally be out of ECW and on SmackDown! with the big boys where he belongs. He and Jericho can be dominant Canadians that he and Edge where supposed to be and rule until Edge comes back as a face and finally have the feud/match/segment of the year that WWE has denied us fans for far too long.

Now for the cons.

ECW will be without their top star. Bourne, Swagger, Henry, Finlay, and Hart Dynasty are all gone and Christian is the biggest face on the show. Dreamer alone will be just be unbearable. I even tried to go along with this theory and thought of Christian still being apart of ECW but then he'll have to be a heel on that show too. Where is the huge payoff? Jericho and Taker will eventually come and Christian gets???



There are too much negatives and it vastly outnumbers any upsides to this "possible" decision. If it were my choice I'd throw him on the either big boy brand and watch him fall into mid card status while Benjamin rules the land of extreme, but that isn't going to happen. Christian also has an ECW title match against Tommy Dreamer at NoC as well.

Verdict: FAIL


Dolph Ziggler

He's been a rising star on SmackDown! and his future looks bright. Ziggler has multiple victories over the not so great Khali and one over fellow rising SmackDown! star John Morrison.

He's even got the attention of Maria. With things looking bright for Ziggler it wouldn't be out of this world to think Ziggler would be the guy.Like Christian Ziggler has his hands full at NoC against Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental title and I doubt Ziggler would pull a Jericho and fight for those two titles in the same night. 

Verdict: Not likely, but you never know


Trouble in Paradise

There's trouble in paradise, but its not Kofi Kingston. The Colons are now separated following Monday night RAW that was hosted by Seth Green. Not too long ago Miz and Morrison went down the same road.

WWE blows up yet another team, but why? Miz and Morrison were broken up because they dominated the tag division and it was time for pushes, the Colons broke up because as a team they...


Primo comes out as the babyface baby brother like Jeff Hardy was and calls out his brother. He gets Miz instead and ends up on his back. Carlito shows up late to the party and pulls out an old friend in an apple and spits in the face of Primo.

I liked Carlito prior to Primo's arrival and he played a good heel, can he successfully return to his old heelish ways? If I had to pick between the brother I'd pick Carlito, sorry Primo.

Carlito may have a small window to climb through if he's lucky, but a small chance is better than no chance, just ask Vince, so that's cool in a way. Primo might find a new home in the garage (will explain later).

Carlito Verdict: He may survive

Primo Verdict: FAIL


Kane vs. Khali

Didn't this happen before? 

Didn't Kane have hooks as well?

I smell Mike Knox/Rey Mysterio here. Kane randomly shows up and attacks Khali at the Bash costing him his match against Dolph Ziggler. Khali can't speak that much and his mouth piece isn't questioning Kane's actions and Kane didn't even explain why he attacked the Punjabi playboy.

Kane, our "monster," hit 90 miles an hour trying to escape Khali running into the crowd and brings down a chair to attack him on another occasion. Khali takes the hit and disarms Kane, who looked intimidated trying to calm down an angry Khali.

I doubt any explanation would be plausible or even interesting at this point. Kane then gets hit and retreats. I don't know what you guys think, but I have my made up. Two giants with nothing to do going at it for no apparent reason.

Feud Verdict: FAIL

Many win, many more fail, but only one can be an epic fail. Vote for the epic fail.

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