Future Championship Wrestling Files: Joe Hennig

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 15, 2009

I've been keeping my eye on "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's son Joe and I am very happy with what I've seen.

Joe brings that face factor where you can root for him, but he also has a heel factor; he is what you call a middle man in wrestling because he can easily switch back and forth to face or heel, in my eyes.

Joe has a lot to work on, clean up the moves he learned from his father, etc., I saw a couple things that looked just like his father, but the kick from the top rope was not that great due to his height.

Being the son of Mr. Perfect is a bill that is hard to live up to, and I wish I could see Joe do that, but he needs to polish his moves and improve his mic skills—he's a decent talker, not great.

I am glad to see that he is taking his dad's move set, though, because he can be a great wrestler and will grow in time. With that "Perfect" move set, he can go far.

Joe has been rumored to be called up and join Randy Orton's Legacy faction. I honestly would like to see him as a face and built into a great wrestler as he works his way through the rankings. Hopefully in the next four to six years as a WWE or World Champion.

I want to see him start on the Raw or SmackDown roster, mostly the Raw roster.

I would also like him to start a second and third generation group, to rival Randy Orton's Legacy. I'd have Ted DiBiase join Joe's group and build on that if the WWE decided to ever go that route.

The talent Joe holds is good enough to have him called up to the big leagues and be a force in the ring on top of making his father Curt proud.

Joe talks a good talk and knows how to speak to a crowd; he has energy, and that's what you need in wrestling and on the mic because it's not like you come talk and leave of course.

Joe, at his level, brings himself to another level when he talks.

When I watch his match, Joe turns up the heat and energy from the get go; Hennig works to better the match when you see moves that his father used to do.

I like the way he carries himself because, to me, when I watch, he seems to know where he is, at all times. That's how you develop yourself to become a ring general like that of Triple H.

I like what Joe brings to FCW overall and what he will bring to the WWE when he's called up. I see him as a Intercontinental Champion in a year to two and a World or WWE Champion in three to four.

Joe Hennig will never be his father, but can try.

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