Love Him or Hate Him: ECW's Zack Ryder Makes an Impact

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2009

It's easy to hate Zack Ryder. I can completely understand how he would piss people off.

However, I find his character entertaining to watch both athletically and humor-wise. So, today I'll try to see both sides of the Zack Ryder argument.


Reasons to Hate Zack Ryder

Reason One: The Catch Phrase. "Woo Woo Woo. You know it!" It's a pretty ridiculous catch phrase all right. I personally find it humorous, but I've heard people say how stupid they think it is, so I guess it's a reason to hate him.

Reason Two: The Attire. No one can argue that Zack Ryder sports one of the most ridiculous outfits in the WWE currently. Just looking at the picture above proves that. But the glasses, the headband, and the crazy hair is just the half of it.

What you don't see in the picture, however, are the pants. Half pants, half wrestling tight. It's ridiculous, it's obnoxious, it's a reason to hate him.

Reason Three: The Attitude. He's cocky and, quite honestly, he's an idiot. The announcers on ECW constantly refer to him as a tool and unfortunately they're right. He looks like a stereotypical dumb jock and acts like one too, giving people another reason to hate him.

The thing is though, he's a heel. You're supposed to hate him. If you hate him, he's doing his job well. I usually like heels more than faces though, and Zack Ryder is no exception.


Reasons to Like Zack Ryder

Reason One: He's comedic. This basically involves everything I just listed as the reasons to hate him. I suppose some people don't really like this kind of humor, but in my opinion it's better than Santino cross-dressing or Chavo jobbing to Hornswoggle.

Reason Two: He's athletic. He's not big enough to rely solely on power moves, so he has to be somewhat of a high-flyer. He incorporates his legs into many of his moves, including missile dropkicks and his finisher, which actually looks pretty effective.

Reason Three: The Zack Attack. This is one of the better looking finishers in the WWE today. It's original, it's innovative, and it looks pretty damn effective. It is set up when the opponent is bent over slightly. Ryder then puts his knee against the side/back of their head and twists and slams their head down on his knee. It's kind of hard to explain, so if you haven't seen it, check it out here.


What I would like to see be done with Zack Ryder

Option One: Mid-Carder Forever. Although it isn't what I want to see, it's probably the most likely. Unless he receives a huge push soon, I fear he will end up much like the other mid-carders we have now. He has won his last three matches, however, so things are looking good for now.

Option Two: ECW Title Hunt. Since he is more of a veteran than the newcomers, this is technically possible. It's not likely right now, since we've got great competitors such as Dreamer and Christian right now, but maybe after their title "runs" are over, Ryder could get a chance.

Option Three: Feud with Edge. This is what I want to see the most, and of course, it's the least likely. But it could work.

Think about it. Edge looks like he is coming back face, it won't be for a while (giving Ryder time to rise), and they already have a decent storyline to start.

Ryder used to be one of the Edge-heads along with Curt Hawkins. He could feasibly start a feud with Edge based on how Edge treated him, or something similar to that. He would have to get off of ECW, of course, since I don't see Edge coming back to the "C" show.

There are plenty of other options for Edge as well when he comes back, but this is the one that I would like to see.


So there you have it. Love him or hate him, Zack Ryder has potential, and if he's used correctly, I think he could help ECW and even WWE as a whole.

As always, thanks for reading and feedback is greatly appreciated.