Death To The UFC! Down With MMA!

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 15, 2009

Oh Grandma!

How sweet!

Look at that innocent little boy smile.

So totally without guile.


And pigs fly!

Grandma Dee has lived on a farm too long not to recognize any type of sh*t once she has stepped in it.

And now I am feeling like quite the fool!

It took my last article, and then reading about what Lorenza Fertitta just proclaimed, to recognize that I have stepped in it big time.

Now I want to clean off my foot.

Yes, damn it, grandma does around go barefoot.

One would think at my age I would know better.


Now the mouthpiece of the King of the UFC says that if the fighters refuse to fight their brethren, it's out of the UFC for them.

Well, guess what, Lorenzo?

Guess it is time for decent God-fearing people like Granny to bow out and encourage my fans to walk away with me.

My hard earned dollars have bought every PPV of UFC events that have come down the pike.

Tee shirts, hats, dvd, posters, watches, and numerous memorabilia too.

But no more from this old girl.

My UFC days are over.

Do you hear me, brother Joseph? I am done with the UFC, and maybe all MMA as well.

This old girl is too close to going home to heaven on high to be flirting with the greedy, deceitful devils that own the UFC.

Turning over a new leaf is not all that hard for a true believer, so I am moving on to something less ungodly.

Although I am not sure what, it will not have Frank, Lorenzo, or Dana White's name associated with it.

Greed has killed off many men, and now it will choke out the once loyal people whom have thus far supported the UFC.

Dana White would set Lorenzo against his own brother, just as Lorenzo is proclaiming they will set Rashad against Keith, to make more bucks.

None of the UFC bigwigs paid attention in Catholic school when the nuns spoke of the lesson of Cain and Abel.

Well, wake up America!

There is sin in your midst masquerading as sports entertainment, and it is marked with Satan's mark, "UFC."

They want your money and your soul, so beware!

It was not enough to make money by the fist-full on their gambling casinos by preying on that particular crowd of sinners--now they are after those wanting a pure sport.

Will you let these soul-less scoundrels rake you into their den of iniquity with a giant who smiles to hide his ruthless spirit?

Not me, count Grandma out.

You UFC three may laugh, but these are hard times and people do not enjoy being deceived by those who already have their hand in the till.

Gold can not buy me, nor bind my soul.

Out damned sport!

Hell awaits you.