Fantasy Football: Week Two Sunday Performers

Jeff SugarSenior Analyst ISeptember 17, 2007

Two weeks into the NFL season, chances are that you've already seen what your players can do.

For those of you who still need some convincing on odds and ends, let's take a look at what happened in the football world today.

Good Investment

Shaun McDonald

On a team with Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, and Calvin Johnson, guess who's been the "go-to" guy. That's right—McDonald.

Just like the fast food chain, Shaun is open 24/7...and making a big splash with the Lions. If you haven't picked him up already, do it. He's going to have great value until Kevin Jones starts taking the full load again, at the very least.

Antonio Gates

Philip Rivers can't bring this guy down.

With LT septuple-covered every down, Gates gets a lot of love—and that translates to big fantasy points for you. He hasn't really "exploded" yet, but that's because he's faced the Patriots and Bears, two of the top five defenses in the NFL.

Look for Gates' value to skyrocket soon. Hopefully you'll own him by then.

Chris Chambers

I'll admit it, I was a little worried when I saw him get bumped to WR2 on the depth chart, but Trent Green loves to focus in on one talented guy with hands (Tony Gonzalez, anyone?).

In Miami, that guy seems to be Chambers.

He may not come close to 100 yards every week, but for his current value (WR3), you can be glad to plug in his steady five receptions for 75 yards.

Jeff King

The answer involves Chris Weinke at QB, and predates Ricky Proehl, so you know it's been a while.

King has slowly been working his way into the offense (five catches in Week One, four catches in Week Two), and is becoming a real option for Jake Delhomme. Keep an eye on him if you're willing to take a risk for a few easy TDs, or if you need a solid plug-in for a TE bye week.

Joseph Addai

I was among the many who were terrified by his Week One "accident" that left fantasy owners scouring the waiver wires...but Addai has proven to be a serious fantasy back.

He can run, catch, and hit seams like Edgerrin in the olden days. His production isn't going to hit crazy numbers (the Colts are taking good care of him), but he's good for solid production from the RB1 spot in any given week. 



Andre Johnson

Yes, he's good, but let's be realistic here.

The Texans have gone to a lot of trouble to emulate the Panthers (one-man passing attack, mediocre running game)—but as good as Johnson is, he can't possibly keep up this pace. It also doesn't help that he strained his PCL in Week Two, so look for the touchdowns to stop punctuating his stat-line, and expect a slight dip in yardage. 

Ben Watson

I'm actually not sure where Watson ranks here.

On one hand, he's the only receiving option on the Patriots that can/will go over the middle. On the other hand, there's no way that he can keep putting up numbers like he has been.

Eventually, the Patriots will actually get the ball into the end zone via other means, and Watson's production will drop off. I mean, it has to, right?

Jamal Lewis

Don't let Week Two fool you—Lewis isn't as good as the Bengals D is bad. In a shootout that made defensive coordinators cry, Lewis took advantage of a pathetic Cincy run D. Come on: He's on the Browns. I'm not buying it, and neither should you.

Derek Anderson

Speaking of the Browns, same goes for Derek Anderson. Five TDs is mighty impressive, but I sincerely doubt he'll do it again. Not only that, but Anderson is only keeping the spot warm for Quinn.

Just remember—a few bad games, and it's Brady time. 

Brett Favre

The Giants have a terrible secondary. We've established this. Favre is a B- QB in Fantasy leagues. Without a running game to keep him moving, Favre is forced to make tough throws—and when defenses realize all they have to do is double-team Donald Driver, bring on the turnovers.

The Giants weren't so wise, but you can bet other teams will be.



Maurice-Jones Drew/Fred Taylor

The Jaguars seem to have taken a liking to passing the ball...which is murder for MJD and Fragile Fred owners alike.

Neither of the backs is to blame for the lousy production, but if the Jags continue to run an offense like this, there won't be many red-zone touchdowns to go around—absolutely killing their value.

Give it one more week, then sell if you have to. 

Saints Offense (Brees, Bush, McAllister, Colston)

I don't normally repeat myself, but what on earth happened here?

The most entertaining offense of 2006 has been reduced to a boring show. Brees is inaccurate, Bush can't find the end zone, and all receptions are for minimal gains.

Without Colston's unusual effort on Sunday, these guys would have been in serious trouble. Keep an eye on this situation.

Laurence Maroney

This is what happens when a talented guy is a victim of his offense.

Sure, Maroney can run, but why bother? If Randy Moss can beat every cornerback in the NFL for easy TDs, why should Maroney strain himself? It's possible that the Pats are keeping Maroney fresh for the long haul in his first season as starter, but this may also be a sign of things to come.

I'm not saying Maroney's bad, but he's not going to be pounding the ball 25+ times a game, either.

Lee Evans

A notoriously slow starter. Four total receptions in the first two games will probably have people shouting "Sell!"—but Evans did the exact same thing last year. You may be able to wait an extra week (Lee could get shut down by the Pats D) before making an attempt to buy, but this is the lowest Evans' value will get all season.

The huge games will start coming soon, and if he's going to go through all the trouble, why not let him do it for your squad?

Anquan Boldin

With the line in Arizona looking as bad as it does, this situation might not get any better in the near future. Boldin's not having bad games, but for his draft slot, he needs to be putting up better numbers. Fitzgerald has the height advantage to help Leinart, and that might sway the passing distribution. Keep an eye on this situation.


Waiver Fodder/Trade Bait

Tatum Bell

He's played well, but Kevin Jones is coming back. At best, Bell and Jones split time, with Jones being the ball-hog (i.e. all the yards and receptions).

Either way, if you own Bell, you're about to be very screwed. Sell now while his value is high, and hope that your trade partner hasn't been reading up on the news lately. 

Mushin Muhammad

2005 is a long time ago for Moose. I don't care if you have soreness—you can't average one catch for seven yards every week and expect to be worth a roster spot. If your league awards points for good blocking, then by all means hang on to him. The rest of us will pass.

Brandon Jackson

In a game that should have showcased his skills, Jackson managed a paltry 35 rushing yards.  Not only that, he should have been given an increased workload with Vernand Morency out. Instead, DeShawn Wynn outplayed Jackson, and will probably work his way into a time-share.

Things will only get worse when Morency gets back, so try and emphasize his receptions and trade him to the highest bidder.

Rex Grossman

I love the Bears, but Rex is killing me. I can't wait until they get McNabb this offseason.

Instead of flashing any of the poise he was supposed to have this year, the Sex Cannon went about his usual business with a few terrible plays against a subpar defense. Start him if you dare, but if you can't succeed against the Chiefs, who can you succeed against?

Devin Hester

Speaking of the Bears, it seems that any and all plans to get Hester the ball at WR were lies. Hester has yet to notch a catch, and with stiff competition (Berrian, Muhammad, Davis, and Bradley), he won't get too many chances.

Hester will likely be little more than a speed-based decoy. Unless you get points for returns, he's not worth a roster spot.


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