Could a Tavaris Jackson Trade Be a Wrong Move?

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Could a Tavaris Jackson Trade Be a Wrong Move?
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Okay, I know what you must be thinking. "This guy's out of his mind!" I'm not, at least I like to think I'm not. So before you make any other quick judgements, let me defend myself.

The Minnesota Vikings have been trying for three years now to work on the Tavaris Jackson experiment, however it hasn't gone well.

Jackson has made slow but progressive  improvement in his three years in the NFL, but not enough to prove he is ready to take over and lead the Vikings for years to come.

Even the head coach, Brad Childress, the man who was behind the 2006 draft pick on Jackson, has been forced to take new steps in the other direction.

Enter Sage Rosenfels, former backup quarterback to Matt Shaub of the Houston Texans, who was acquired through a trade that sent several Vikings' draft picks to the Texans.

He was guaranteed a shot at the starting job, after many years of playing backup on many NFL teams. Of course he wouldn't be given the starting job on a platter. He would have to earn it in Training Camp.

Here he would compete for the starting position against none other then young Tavaris Jackson. Although Rosenfels was ordained the number one on the roster as predicted by KFAN radio station and many other hundreds of Vikings fans around the state, the QB palooza didn't stop their.

Soon after his release from the New York Jets, Brett Favre instantly became the poster child for ESPN's daily NFL reports and the Minnesota Vikings possible new candiate for their already messed up QB problem.

The three time NFL MVP and future Hall of Fame quarterback has not officially signed with the Minnesota Vikings yet. But there is no doubt, an immediate press conference introducing him as the newest Viking is surely on it's way.

What does this do to the Vikings roster?

It gives them four quarterbacks on their roster entering training camp, yet this is expected to change before their first regular season game against the Cleveland Browns.

So with four quarterbacks on the roster, the Vikings will find themselves in a sticky situation. Who becomes the odd man out in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings will instantly crown Favre the starter, and rightfully so with his credentials as a football player. Rosenfels will be pushed out of the way, at least for a year.

Well the obvious choice has got to be Tavaris Jackson, right?

Maybe. However the cards may be stacked against Jackson. As the Vikings are highly un-likely to cut John David Booty, their 2008-fifth round draft pick anytime soon as he has not been given the chance to prove what he's made of as of yet.

The only thing Booty will have to worry about this season will be finding a new number to wear, as Favre will want to continue to wear his signature No. 4, even in purple and gold.

So now the Minnesota Vikings must decide what their going to do with Jackson. He is a very young QB, who has room to grow but makes crucial mistakes when it matters.

There is no doubt that his productivity has increased in his three year career, finishing off 08' with above average numbers.

2008 Stats for Tavaris Jackson: 

*1,056 passing yards

*9 TDs-2 INTs

*88 of 149 on passes with a completion rating of 59.1 percent  (up 0.9 percent from 2007)

*A 95.4 percent passer rating

*Five Fumbles- three lost

Although these stats are decent and indicate improvement, the Vikings are on limited time with many of their players getting near the end of their careers.

The Vikings also need a QB who can give them the best shot at a Super Bowl. It would be their first ever Super Bowl in franchise history, that has been plagued with four loosing Super Bowl appearances.

As of right now, Brett Favre would be the best man for the job, whether he can get them there this year will be for later discussion.

The Vikings will have to either cut Tavaris Jackson, trade him to another NFL team in need of a quarterback or backup for that matter, or send him down to the Minnesota Vikings' practice squad.

The two options that make sense though, would be either trading him to another NFL team in exchange for Draft picks or send him down to the team practice squad.

As much as I would like to see Jackson run out of town, a trade could be a costly move, seeing as after 2009, the likely hood of Favre playing a 20th season in the NFL is slim.

Thus, the Vikings would have to go back to drawing board at quarterback.

Keeping Jackson though, would give the team a decent option to throw out into a competition once again with Sage Rosenfels for the Vikings' starting QB position.

This will create a good competition at Training Camp in 2010, and also help both quarterbacks become more developed as NFL quarterbacks.

The biggest gain from keeping Jackson on the practice squad, and calling him up in 2010 will be the competition itself making Jackson a better player overall.

So as the future of young Tavaris Jackson is still up in the air and training camp approaching, the fact that Jackson is on his last year of his contract means the Vikings must take a moment and look at all the best options available.

One move could be too costly for a team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback.

In Tavris Jackson's case, demanding a trade from the Vikings if Brett Favre signs, could prove to be the biggest mistake of his short NFL career.

A career that began with the Minnesota Vikings, and the place he called home.

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