The Nickel: Sheamus Sqaushes, Peeps Meets Standard, the Iron Curtain

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 14, 2009

It was too long ago (a couple of hours) that I took aim at ECW's unorganized show. I wondered about the route the brand was going to take during its rebuilding process, and while still premature,it looks like they did well with time distribution.

I was a bit optimistic following some events that took place, but I know too well not to count chickens before the eggs hatch. Things looked a little up, but I have a feeling the war is still on the way.

The green protagonist answered my request and Goldust resurfaced on ECW. Did the Hurricane actually hear me?

It probably just a big coincidence, but I test this theory out for my own amusement and sent out another request to the land of extreme's green hero.


Peep show Meets A Greater Standard

Shelton Benjamin and Christian the immortal classic finally square off since Benjamin's arrival in the land of extreme. Shelton finished off Yoshi Tatsu for good—hopefully—and had a good match with good ol' captain charisma.

Christian and Benjamin went back and forth until Kozlov decided to come out and call the match at ringside which caused a minor distraction and resulted in Christian receiving a stiff kick from Benjamin off the top rope.

Benjamin continued to started to work on Christian's arm and continued applying pressure in various submissions. The match nearly saw a finish twice as Christian delivered a tornado DDT with impact from the top rope in which Benjamin kicked out from.

Christian was nearly defeated when Benjamin leaped to the top rope for the second time during the match and connected with a super armbar takedown.

The end arrived when the peep show captain attempted his too-slow-to-believe-only-connects-when-he-exposes-the-turnbuckle killswitch which was countered and the instant classic was instantly thrown shoulder first into the turnbuckle and then payed dirt for his troubles.

I hope the match was testing the waters for a potential feud for these two because the match was good.

Back-to-back wins for the gold standard? Can he make it three straight?

That hasn't happened in a while, but let's be optimistic to those who still believe in our standard...but be cautious.


Kozlov and the Iron Curtain

The Russian monster made his presence felt in the land of extreme and the Iron Curtain may very well be descending on ECW as Matt Striker likes to say. Kozlov first appeared in the beginning of the show during the Benjamin/Christian match.

Christian took it upon himself to look and received a kick to the arm that would not only send him flying off the top rope to the ground, but seal his fate. For a change, Kozlov went spoke some English during interviews.

He threw in Russian words here and there, but he was clear when he said Christian got lucky and that he could beat him and Dreamer anytime. Kozlov later backed up his words when he defeated ECW champion Tommy Dreamer with ease under five minutes. Is this foreshadowing? Where will Kozlov stand after Night of Champions? 

Five matches / One night

I didn't think it could be done, but it was done decently. There was a squash match in there of course, but it was a good job nonetheless.

What was the best part? 

No Washington!

The bad news is that he'll be back next week and he'll have both Dreamer and Christian on the show so he'll have to do a better job since the show is vital in the feud as they inch closer to Night of Champions.


Stand Back...

Dear Hurricane,

You've done well as Goldust has returned to ECW. In the wake of his return an English man has gone missing. He was last seen teaming with the soviet cyborg and he's been missing for about two weeks now. Find him and bring him back to the land of extreme. I'd ask for you to return to the ring again once more.

Helms decided to return to his backstage interviewer role and interview a new and improved big Zeke. 


Everything else

Has anyone seen this Tyler Reks guy? I heard he was the FCW champ before being called up. I don't like judging too early, but I see nothing in this guy. His match wil speak for itself as he will get according to GM Tiffany...last name? I'm liking big Zeke, we can let Batista go now, he have a better replacement already.

Sheamus went through another local jobber this week and I'm still not completely sold on the guy, I need to see more. As I expected many are eating it up and over praising him already. We'll see where Mr. Sheamus goes. 

We wanted Goldust back and we got him, but not the way we wanted. I was happy to see Goldust in action as he is still a very good worker in the company. He faced off against Zack Ryder. Like many others, I was pulling for Goldust, but we all knew the result before the match actually ended.

It doesn't look good for Goldust, I even wonder if he'll get television time next week. They'll be giving other talents time and that means others went get to wrestle let along get a backstage segment of any sorts.

Yoshi Tatsu also defeated Paul Burchill as well. I couldn't tell if Burchill pushed the ropes or of Tatsu botched when he went for the springboard spinning wheel kick. He delivered a roundhouse kick for the win. Katie was wasted away once more at ringside. She'll be babysitting again come Thursday on Superstars.