Kentucky Derby Tragedy: PETA is a Joke

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IMay 7, 2008

PETA you are an absolute joke.  You give nonprofit organizations a bad name.  You make Roger Clemens look like a real man and make me want Michael Jackson to babysit my younger brothers.

Seriously?  I'm not usually one to attack people or groups, but you have crossed the line. 

As everyone knows, the filly Eight Belles came in second at the 143th Kentucky Derby last weekend, and after the race collapsed with two broken front ankles.

She was quickly euthanized on the track since her injuries were so severe that she would not have been able to live a normal life.

Now PETA is calling for the suspension of jockey Gabriel Saez, stating that Eight Belles was, "doubtlessly injured before the finish."  PETA wants the suspension to last the entire time Eight Belles death is being investigated.

PETA where were you before the race?  Where was your strong, passionate voice for the ethical treatment of these horses before one had a freakish accident, probably the worst in Derby history to a horse not named Barbaro?

Its not bad enough that the jockey, the trainer, and the owner must live with the loss of one of their beloved animals, but you have to kick them while they're down.  Stop trying to fundraise and front on this issue like you care, just to push your own agenda.

If one of your precious loved ones died, after a crazy, unexplained accident, would you want people ridiculing you, or trying to support and console you? 

Saez said in an interview yesterday that, "I was so proud of her performance, and of the opportunity to ride her in my first Kentucky Derby, all of which adds to my sadness."  Does this sound like a man trying to harm a horse for his own selfish gain?

PETA you need to grow up.  There are hundreds of horse races a day, and never before have I heard your voice so strong to oppose it.  Could it be because this injury occured on the biggest stage in horse racing?  Or could it be because you need some exposure and "fighting for this horses rights" is the best way to get your face on television?

Agendas are nice to have PETA, just make sure yours isn't hidden.