Why Vince Carter Will Help Improve The Orlando Magic

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIJuly 14, 2009

When the Orlando Magic traded for Vince Carter, the eyebrows of many critics rose.

They said with the addition of Carter, the Magic are going to lose Hedo Turkoglu and a rising star in Courtney Lee. They lost both of these players for what, a washed up Carter who will make the Magic worse? That is where the critics are wrong.

Last year, the New Jersey Nets were predicted to be the worst team in the league. Carter led the way for the Nets, and they passed expectations as early as the All-Star break. They were eliminated from playoff contention in the last weeks of the season.

Now people are saying the addition of Carter will stunt Dwight Howard's growth as a player. Those people are ignorant. Has Vince messed up the play of Devin Harris? No, he took the backseat and let Harris do his work while Vince led the team with words.

Everyone on the Nets gave up after a losing streak when it looked like they had no chance at the playoffs, but Carter said that he won't give up on the team. Where were the critics then? When Carter admitted on giving up on the Raptors, he was young, and analysts around the globe started hating on him, but when he made the comments about helping the young Nets team no matter what, the so-called experts ignored it.

Carter has been playing with more effort on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. His passing is extremely underrated, as he is one of the best passing shooting guards in the league, if not the best.

He may not be the human highlight reel anymore, which makes people hate on him, but he is a better basketball player now. He may have bad games every now and then, and that's when the haters are at their peak, which gives Carter a bad rep.

People say Carter is injury prone, but he has played in nearly every game ever since playing for New Jersey. In reality, Vince is a top-five shooting guard in the league for sure, maybe even top-three on his best nights behind only Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, who are the best players in the league along with LeBron James.

Being traded to the Orlando Magic is just a new chapter in the career of "Half-Man, Half-Amazing."

We all know what Carter is capable of when he is rejuvenated, and that is exactly what he will be this upcoming season. He is playing for a team that was just in the NBA Finals, and it's the team he dreamed about playing for ever since he was a little kid.

Vince has also never played with a dominant big man like Howard before, which will benefit both of them.

Carter is unselfish and will help Howard become a better player. While Howard will be the main attraction for the Magic offense, this will be what Vince has always wanted. He never wanted to be the main guy on a team, and now he has the chance to be the second option.

With the pressure off of Carter, he will be a more efficient player.

Turkoglu was clutch for the Magic last season, but Vince was just as clutch if not more, himself. He hit many critical shots that won games for the Nets, and look for him to do the same in Orlando.

The critics may love to hate on Vinsanity, but don't let that get to your head. The Magic made the right move and traded for the underrated Carter.

You will all see that when the season starts, the Magic will show they are still the top team and the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.


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