World Football: Have The Big Boys Outgrown Their Countries?

Justin BaskinCorrespondent IMay 7, 2008

There have been a number of articles asking if there is too much money in football, and whether players are worth the amount of money that they are paid. 


The question I would like to pose is will anyone other than Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool ever win the Premier League?

The top four in England (I am putting in Liverpool just because I am an optimist) have the money to buy whom ever they want and pay them what ever they want. 


With that money comes the ability to attract the best players in the world. The rest of the league has to make do with the best that they can get, and if anyone shows promise is picked up by the big boys. 

It seems to me that there is a league within a league, we have the top four fighting it out, and the next 16 battling it out. 


Can a team like Portsmouth/Everton/Aston Villa/Man City ever challenge for the title? Those four clubs have been gradually improving every year, but seem to falter towards the end of the season.

The question I am posing is as follows: Is there a way to even out the odds so that a smaller team with more heart and less skill wins the Premiership? Who remembers Blackburn Rovers, Nottingham Forest and countless more who have won the top division.

I am pretty sure that what I am saying could be said about all the major leagues, but as I don’t follow them that much, I cannot give an informed opinion, but would appreciate comments on those leagues. 

Here is an idea, which will never happen, if the top four of each country in Europe is to good for their country, we take the top four of each country and start a new League with no knockout phases. 


The best team (home and away) wins the league.  We can have teams like Barcelona, A C Milan, Liverpool, Juventus, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and so on playing each other week in week out. 


If this ever happened the domestic leagues would become a bit more interesting but will people watch it?