WWE Raw: Thumbs Up for Guest Host Seth Green

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

It's not often I say this, but I was actually thoroughly impressed with this week's Monday Night Raw. Raw was hosted by Seth Green this week, and Seth got things started quickly by announcing the main event to be Legacy vs. Triple H, John Cena, and Green, himself.

Now, Seth Green isn't quite as tall as most of the WWE superstars, setting up quite a few good backstage comedy segments. Everyone from Santino to Big Show seemed to have something to say to Seth, usually concerning his height.

My personal favorite backstage moment, believe it or not, involved John Cena. Ordinarily, I'll bash Cena in my articles as much as I can, but I actually liked what I saw from him. He was funny, and he didn't pull off a miracle victory.

I was impressed by the main event. I expected either Cena to "overcome the odds" and F-U all three members of Legacy together, or for Seth Green to pin Orton after some ridiculous move.

Seth Green did not pull a Mickey Rourke, but actually took more of a beating than he dished out. He even looked like he was about to get punted in the head until SuperCena saved him at the last minute.

Instead, the match ended in disqualification after Legacy brought a chair into the ring and looked as if they were about to beat on Cena. Triple H brought out his trusted sledgehammer, though, and Legacy scampered away. It may have made them look a bit weak, but I don't think it took away from what I thought was a very enjoyable main event.

There were a few other things I liked about this Raw as well. One was the Primo vs. Miz match-up.

After coming back from a commercial break, Primo was standing in the ring to what was apparently his own music (I had no idea he even had theme music). He was ready to fight and called out his brother, Carlito.

Instead, The Miz came out and told Primo that he would be fighting him instead. The two had an average match, but what I liked was the ending. Carlito came out and distracted Primo, allowing Miz to take advantage and get the pin. Carlito then spit in the face of his brother, basically ensuring that they would not be making up.

It looks like WWE is giving us another brother vs. brother feud, which I don't particularly care for right now. I thought of something different though: What if Miz and Carlito teamed up against Primo and John Morrison?

Sure, this will probably never happen; I just think it would be interesting. John Morrison would have to be put on Raw, but since he's not deeply involved in any storyline right now, its technically possible. Like I said, I doubt this will happen, I just think it would be interesting to watch former enemies team up against former partners.

I also like what Raw is doing with Mark Henry. I think turning him face will end up being a good decision, and it ought to be enjoyable to see him in a new light. I also like how they are turning him face.

Mark Henry acted like he was going to befriend both Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, only to turn on them moments later. Both Orton and Jericho are huge heels right now, so attacking them was a great way to turn face. I liked his attitude of "Yeah, I'll help you. Psh, just kidding."

Finally, who is going to be Chris Jericho's tag team partner? I know a few other people have dedicated entire articles to this subject, so I'll keep it short and sweet. I think Chris Jericho's partner should be The Miz.

I know I just said that The Miz and Carlito should tag, but I think this could be more likely. Both of them are arrogant, deserve the titles, and have experience in tag matches. Miz is more of a mid-carder right now, but that could all change with the right push, and this could be it.

So overall, it was a great performance by Monday Night Raw. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

As always, thanks for reading and feedback is always appreciated.