WWE Reportedly Interested in Working with Ronda Rousey?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 27, 2014

HONG KONG - AUGUST 20:  UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey at a Q&A session during the Macao UFC Fight Night Press Conference at the Four Season Hotel on August 20, 2014 in Hong Kong.  (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)
Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

Could UFC star Ronda Rousey be on the verge of working with WWE? Per one recent report, the company is talking about it.

As WWE noted on its official site, Rousey and the rest of her Four Horsewomen stable—MMA fighters Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler—were backstage at last week's SummerSlam pay-per-view in Los Angeles taking pictures and hanging out with various wrestlers.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), it appears the charismatic Rousey made a positive impression on people in management, and the feeling is she may be asked to do something with the company in the future:

From what I was told as far as WWE went, there were people in WWE who had talked about a Four Horsewomen thing at SummerSlam, but the ideas fell on deaf ears because the key people in WWE now know nothing about UFC, even though several of the wrestlers are huge fans and Natalya has trained with them. But now everyone knows them, and Stephanie, in particular...was talking them up and the feeling is Rousey will get an offer to do something. 

WWE wanting to use Rousey in some capacity isn't really a surprise.

Thanks to her phenomenal MMA skills, good looks and feisty personality, she's a genuine megastar and arguably one of few draws UFC has left.

Rousey, a pioneer in women's MMA, currently holds the company's bantamweight championship, a title she has successfully defended four times.

Credit: WWE.com

Hollywood has taken notice and come calling. Rousey appeared in the recently released action movie The Expendables 3 and has a role in the upcoming blockbuster Fast & Furious 7.

However, while people in WWE management may be keen to utilize her talents and star power, there are a few obstacles.

Would she be able to make time in her already hectic schedule to come in and do some sort of angle? Would the creative team know how to book her properly? Would it cause resentment within the Divas division to have Rousey waltz in and take the spotlight?

Perhaps most crucially, would Dana White be willing to let her work with WWE?