WWE Fans Should Stop Re-Living the Past

tim ogdenCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Sherri Shepherd holds up the U.S. title belt after M.V.P. defeated Dolph Ziggler during a match at WWE SmackDown at Madison Square Garden on April 28, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by George Napolitano/Getty Images)

I have noticed a current trend among most articles and comments written by WWE fans, and that is the reference to the "what was" and "what used to be."

I can't help but disagree with them more on the subject of going back to the Attitude Era or any other times in the WWE.

This article is for everyone to realize that dwelling about past glory of what was, will not result in a better future.

Many of you know The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, X-Pac, The Undertaker, and many other superstars that we love.

Have you forgotten the long path of mediocrity that these superstars had to travel down before reaching start status?

We tend to look at the finished product of a wrestler not the journey that they took to get there.

The Rock used to be the fun-loving Hawaiian...Rocky Maivia (It took the fans chanting... "Die rocky die" in order for him to become the Rock)...sound like Cena?

Stone Cold was the smooth ring master with long flowing blond hair.

X-Pac was the young one, two, three kid that no one thought would ever beat Razor.

HHH was Hunter Hearst Helmsley (The Pompous Bureaucrat).

Kane was Isaac Yankem DDS, The Wrestling Dentist.

Even The Undertaker started off as Mean Marc.

And the list goes on and on...

Who would have ever thought that these young wrestlers would turn into the great ring performers that they are today. 

Every wrestler has to start off somewhere. They have to get the feel for who they are and what they are not.

This takes time and patience along with a little luck.

We have to let these guys find themselves, and we can’t continue to compare them to the great wrestlers from the past or they might never succeed.

Some of the best things we see in wrestling just happen...remember that Austin 3:16 Speech? Or what about Mr. Socko?

Most fans want the past glory to return but to what point?

Why bring something back that has already been done. Look what happened when DX came back. They couldn't even touch what they were.

This is because it already has been done.

They are no longer original and that is the whole point of this article.


In order for WWE to continue to succeed, they have to continue to strive for new creative ideas, even if some of the ideas fall flat.

They still must be innovative and fearless when it comes to pleasing the fans. If we continue to beg for what used to be, we will never have the great things that will come to us in the future.

I am referring to the un-expected things and future stars that we will soon come to know and the great superstars that will replace the ones of old.

We went from Andre to Hulk to Hart to Michaels to Austin to The Rock to HHH to Cena.

Who will be next on this great list of stars?

Who will be the next Jewel of a great company whose lists of accolades are endless?

Don't dwell on the past, support what is happening now because you may just miss it someday.