13 Types of Sports Team Chemistry Killers

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13  Types of Sports Team Chemistry Killers
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Team chemistry is overrated until it isn't.

It's naive to assume that every locker room or clubhouse exists in a general state of harmony, because no workplace can possibly be free from strife. 

While the majority of people who work together manage to do so amicably, there are certainly co-workers who don't get along with each other.

And as long as things are running smoothly, the guy who is needlessly confrontational in meetings is easily tolerated. But, when a big account is lost or a contract bid comes up short...a relatively easy truce becomes an explosive powder keg.

In sports, the same dynamic exists: Winning makes everything easier. However, when the L's start to outnumber the W's (or when it at least seems like things are going that direction) locker room chemistry transforms from comfortable cliche to unwelcomed narrative—one the media loves and that team's fanbase loves to get worked up over.

When locker room chemistry reaches the flash point, there seem to be certain personalities, even archetypes, who can turn an ember into a forest fire. 

Whether money makes them tick or it's just good old fashioned crazy...these are the biggest types of chemistry killers in team sports.

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