Christian: A Rebuke to the Article of One Shane H.

Joseph CapozziCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

Dearest readers, for those of you who have chosen to grace my page with your views, I do so appreciate it. After the lackluster amount of reads on my previous article, I do appreciate any reads that this article can receive.

You see, as I was combing through the recent, and popular articles on Bleacher Report, my eyes happened to catch on the name of one of my favorite wrestlers, and I was instantly pulled in, and captivated to read it.

As I read through the article, I saw a good deal of, perhaps not knocking, but pushing Christian as only capable of midcard-level competition.

When I finished this article, I suddenly felt inspired to write an article of my very own. I don't know exactly how well this attempt is going to go; however, I do feel that it is likely to catch the eye of a certain few people whose opinions I would like to debate on the matter.

No then, allow me to actually dig into the meat of this subject by allowing me to state my opinion on Christian. I feel that Christian is a talent to be found, and I feel that they are using Christian the right way by keeping him on ECW.

I feel that the people who want him to be moved immediately are the people who don't understand what would happen, and are begging for him to fail.

Now then, I'd imagine that this will incite quite the argument from the Peeps who do feel Christian should be moved. I ask you to bear with me, and try and listen before you vent your frustration at a lack of Christian being moved on me. Now then, let me dig into this.

Who are the primary talents on ECW right now? Who are the people who can really be utilized for their main card?

When we list out the talents, we find what we already knew; ECW is the show where new talent starts. With that said, the main card new talent has gone, and that leaves the new superstars to become established.

How does this relate to Christian being on ECW? How could this possibly justify Christian not being moved to a new show immediately?

I'm sure you all realize that he is one of the few superstars on ECW who has been in nearly, if not every pay per view since Wrestlemania, and that means that the WWE Creative team obviously sees his talent and potential; why would they keep him on the low show?

Because keeping Christian on ECW gives him a show that is essentially to himself. ECW's shows currently consist of matches between Shelton and Yoshi, some failed talk show, a new talent competing, typically, in squash matches, and Christian.

Tommy Dreamer is obviously there, but Dreamer fans and haters alike will agree that Dreamer typically stumbles through his promos, while Christian excels in them.

With all the remaining ECW main event talent potential moved to the two main shows, keeping Christian on ECW was likely the best move on Creative's part. The reason for this is simple; because they don't want Christian to be lost in the chaos.

Of course, this also comes down to him being pushed when moved, but personally, I still feel that it's too early to move him.

Furthermore, by keeping him on ECW, he essentially stays in the main event of his respective show.

Granted, that the ECW title is, essentially, a midcard belt. However, keeping him in the main event picture for ECW allows his credibility to grow, and makes him more believable as a performer.

Now, I would like to move on to why I feel that Christian COULD succeed on other shows. This will mainly be my rebuke to Shane's article.

While he did make some essentially valid points, I feel that that there are more factors to consider when determining the likelihood of a main event push.

For starters, I would like to list the three reasons why I feel that Christian, at this stage, should NOT receive a main event push.

In my opinion, there are only three real reasons as to why Christian shouldn't be a main event player on another show, but they are three extremely viable reasons; reasons that should be taken into consideration.

Reason one: Christian's age. Christian is right around the age of 35, if I'm not very much mistaken. That's not too terribly old in the business, is right around the same age as Edge, and is younger than Chris Jericho, Batista, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and if I'm not mistaken, Triple H, and even others.

However, these individuals have all been pushed into the main event around the age of 30, give or take.

Christian does not have as many years with the company, and thus, Creative must take this into consideration. Granted, he could always be another Ric Flair, with his 36 year career; however the odds are more likely that he'll retire around the age of 45 or so, as so many others do.

Perhaps this is an overstatement, or and understatement. However, WWE must consider his age into how far they push him.

Reason two:  Christian's weight class. Christian weighs in right around 220, if I'm not mistaken. While this is not such a big issue for most, it's enough for me to feel he loses some credibility as a contender.

It's not to say that this could alone keep him from becoming a main event player, however it is enough to say that it could hinder him.

Reason three:  Christian's Finisher. The Killswitch, the Double Arm Facebuster, The Unprettier, whatever you call it, is a fun move to watch. However, it's also a move that looks as if it would be nearly impossible for a man of Christian's build to do to someone of, say, Triple H's build realistically.

While Christian does look to be in decent shape, it seems that the likes of others to stop this would make the move seem unrealistic, and would thus put off some fans.

With this out of the way, I feel that the combination of factors could potentially be enough to prevent Christian from reaching true main event status.

However, he does have a number of redeeming qualities as well. Let me dig into the meat of these factors before I state my final analysis, if you will.

Reason one:  Christian's mic game. Christian, unlike others, has an incredible mic game. Christian has a certain charisma when speaking that few others do.

Unlike many of the other main eventers of today, Christian does not stumble through his promos; rather, he makes it all flow, as if he is simply speaking naturally.

His mic game is, to me, reminiscient of a face Chris Jericho, though perhaps not quite as humorous.

However, when speaking, particularly in instances such as his promo with Swagger prior to Backlash, he can command an intensity that few others truly hold in the way they speak, while still also maintaining composure, and giving glimpses of humor through.

This is perhaps his most redeeming factor, to me. Christian's mic game is probably his most valuable asset, particularly in the WWE of today, where the mic game is probably the most important part of being a success.

Reason two:  Christian's wrestling style. While Christian's weight may work against him, it also plays a vital role in pushing him forward. Christian, unlike Edge, Triple H, Randy Orton, and the like, Christian can pull off daredevil offense, similar to Shawn Michaels, and Jeff Hardy; both of whom are former multiple-time WWE champions.

Furthermore, Christian, like Shawn Michaels, is tenacious, and also boasts a more impressive mat game than the vast majority of main eventers today.

While this is true, I imagine it's not as important in today's game as it would have been in the past. Sure, it is a useful thing to have, but still....

Reason three: The Peeps. Well, you may ask why I list the Peeps as a reason for a main event Christian push. I suppose this actually is more, "Christian's popularity." but I figured I'd give the Peeps a shout out.

While Christian  may not be Shawn Michaels in popularity, he has a damn good-sized roar when his music hits. Christian's popularity, given the right push, against the right heel, could send him catapulting to the top!

For example, why don't we put this scenario on the table? Lets move ahead to January, Christian in, and WINNING the Royal Rumble. However, who is the given champion at the time?

We take a look at who's expected to return in January, and who always returns in opportune fashion, and we see Edge winning his tenth World Heavyweight title. We take a look at Edge.

Now then, what makes this feud so special that it could give Christian the real main event push? Well, this is actually really simple; Edge is Christian's brother, in character.

Christan and Edge had a hell of a rivalry after their split, in my opinion, and that old magic, in main event feud could pull Christian's face status up to something resembling Jeff Hardy's.

Hell, why not take this a step further, and make it a ladder match? Sure, Money in the Bank is THE Ladder match at Wrestlemania, however these two helped to innovate, and re-engineer the Ladder Match into something new, and different, much like Shawn Michaels nearly a decade earlier.

An epic clash between Brothers, fighting in their match, for the World Title? That sounds like quite the rivalry to me.

In essence, I'd imagine that what this comes down to, more than anything, is how they PUSH Christian. The reasons more or less balance one another out, if you look at them. There are likely more reasons for both sides, however I feel no real need to further list this out.

In closing, I would like to once again thank all the people who chose to read my article, and I would like to welcome any questions and comments regarding my article.

I adore views, and I love comments and ratings even more. If you disagree with me, please, explain to me your views, as I love to learn the views of others.

Once again, thank you for reading.


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