Landon Donovan Said What Everyone In MLS Has Been Thinking

Justin AnthonyCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

CARSON, CA - JULY 13:  Landon Donovan of the Los Angeles Galaxy speaks with the media following practice at The Home Depot Center on July 13, 2009 in Carson, California. David Beckham the English midfielder for the Galaxy called Donovan 'unprofessional' for criticizing him to an author without speaking with him first.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Let's all stand up and applaud what Landon Donovan said about his teammate David Beckham. 

Come on, this had disaster written all over it if he would have gone to New York or Chicago this could have been a legitimate soccer move but this move wasn't about soccer at all—this was David Beckham moving to LA to please his wife and to have his personal star grow. 

This nonsense about advancing soccer in America and making a difference sounded great to the casual sports fan, but to anyone who followed soccer when Beckham was playing in England and in Spain they knew something fishy was going on. 

Beckham's career started with Manchester United and if you ask any England or Manchester United supporter what their thoughts on Beckham where, and all will tell you that he underachieved due to his lack of focus and commitment to the game. 

The reason he was benched in Madrid was the same reason—his lack of focus and commitment. 

Is there an pattern developing here?

To show how the price of Beckham has drooped Real Madrid payed 60 million for Beckham, AC only wanted 12 million. Landon Donovan, the real voice of American soccer, stepped up and said what everyone has been thinking and have wanted to say since Beckham arrived—he isn't here to play soccer, he is here for him.   

American soccer has done more for American soccer then Beckham has done since he arrived. First the failure and then the success of the Confederations Cup, the fact that the media was criticising the American team in the first place is a step in the right direction, and then the praise and coverage that followed the surprise run the the final. 

Now that the national team has stepped up it's the domestic league's turn to step up and grow the sport even more. Coming up this month MLS has the opportunity to make a statement to leagues around the world. 

Teams all over have fixtures against massive clubs including Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Champions League winner Barcelona, and "The Billion Dollar Team" Real Madrid. 

MLS has a real chance to gain good experience and the opportunity to turn a couple of heads not only overseas, but in the the US as well. 

The criticism of Beckham has been a long time coming and surely criticism of the Galaxy for giving Beckham 120 million is just too. 

This was a bad move from the start.