Michael "Down For The Count" Bisping

Nate DoubleAnalyst IJuly 13, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 19:  British Ultimate Fighting Champion Michael Bisping poses for photographs before his fight against Australian Elvis Sinosic in the Ultimate Fighting Championship on 19 April, 2007, Manchester, England. Ultimate fighting, a mixture of martial arts is claimed to be one of the world's fastest growing sports and the largest championship in Britain is to be staged at Manchester's MEN arena on 21st April.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

There is a non-technical term sometimes used in boxing, MMA, and other contact sports.


Knocked the F--- Out.

That's what happened to Michael Bisping on Saturday night as he continued to circle right into Dan Henderson's wheelhouse.

Bisping was the underdog in their match, both on paper and in the eyes of every sportsbook. 

Everyone believed that Henderson would use his vastly superior wrestling to repeatedly take Bisping to the ground and then pound him out. 

That wasn't the way it played out.

Throughout the bout, both fighters stood face to face with Henderson slowly and methodically stalking Bisping around the cage. Bisping would attack from time to time but to no avail.

Henderson just kept coming forward.

Bisping got knocked out at the 3:20 mark of the second round. 

While he'll likely get a suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission that will keep him from training for the next 30 to 60 days, I'm already wondering what's next for him.

Losing to Henderson is nothing for Bisping to be ashamed of.

In fact in might help him in the long run since he really wasn't ready for top of the division competition regardless of what the UFC has been telling us.

Bisping's popularity in the UK will keep him in the limelight but I think a fight against a Patrick Cote or Nate Quarry is smarter than trying to take on another top ranked talent who is also a contender.