Major League: The Game of Baseball

Steve ShieldsContributor IJuly 13, 2009

The game of baseballl has been quoted many things, for some it's the best game around, others it is too boring, and for many, it's 'America's Pastime'. Dating all the way back to the early days when real stars shined: stars like Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Nolan Ryan, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, etc. All of them always walked around, smiling and high fiving each other, playing the game for fun, how it really should be. Fans attended the games, hoping to have some fun and talk to other fans. Players chatted it up with other teams, having fun not caring what was happening or who was getting paid more.
As of late, this tables have turned. No longer have players been able to walk around like nothing was wrong, like they didn't care about man, but they were there to play the game. Players like Dustin Pedroia, Nick Swisher, Kevin Millar, and very few others [B]always[B] have smiles on there faces, whether they are doing bad, or having a great game. They are there, smiling, supporting their team.

But, a whole new generation of baseball has kicked in. Money, the evil green monster, has taken over the game. Hurting the overall performance of teams, and players caring where they play, and why they play. Baseball has turned into a business, something it wasn't before. A business where people know they can make a living, someplace where they know they are good enough to sucker $50M out of someone, and yet still play like my shit. Players all around the game just want money, and don't care about baseball, it's just a business, no longer a game.

I guess through all my pointless shit, all I am trying to say is, where is the fun of baseball? Now a days, you only see a few players smiling, having fun and enjoying what they do, all of the others, well, they just want the money. Players who are fan favorites, but are losing skills, still think they demand $100M dollars a year. But since the team that this player is on feels that he is withering down, they willl refuse to pay him the money, and he will later leave, and some other team will pony up the money, leaving him happy and not really caring where he is playing for.
Anyway, many fans and players, I'm sure, have seen this, and it's a shame.
I guess my final sentence: Baseball is no longer a game, it's a business.

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- Matt Wood