Free NCAA 2010 Rosters: Where to Get Them!

Kyle SchwerinCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

The annual edition of NCAA Football 2010 drops tonight at midnight (or in other stores, Tuesday morning), and one of the most sought after game files on the Internet will be hitting Google searches tonight...for named rosters for the game.

I wanted to write this to let everyone know that TOTALLY FREE named rosters will be available on,,, and within the coming week(s). DO NOT purchase rosters from anyone, as they are readily available for free for every system at the above websites.

I will be providing the Play Station 2 version of rosters for the eighth season in a row. Anyone who would like the Max Drive file of that or who wants to send their memory card to me to have me put the rosters on it and send it back, feel free to send me a message here on Bleacher Report! I'm going to be attempting to get my own rosters done around the first or second of week of August, due to the large number of mistakes on this season's default rosters.

Here are a couple things to think about for everyone before you go out and make the purchase, though!

Hopefully this doesn't get construed as EA-bashing, but I want everyone to be aware of the following before purchasing the game:

Sliders at this point in time do not work. A patch is being worked on to fix this.

Auto substitutions are having problems where when players exit the game to get rest, they do not come back in for the remainder of the game, no matter how long the game goes on. It is not clear if a patch is being worked on for this.

There are problems with punts, where if kicking out of bounds at the opponent's 20-yard line, for example, the ball will be awarded to the team instead at your 20-yard line rather than their own. A patch is being worked on to fix this.

Botched snaps and missed pitches on option plays are also being counted as incomplete passes rather than fumbles.

Last but not least, rosters are an entire mess this year out of the box. Some teams such as Purdue and Colorado have zero freshmen on the team, while other teams like Hawaii have 50 seniors listed on their squad. EA claimed that the wrong roster file got put onto the disc version of the game, and they are supposed to be releasing a new roster file tonight before the game releases that will be available to download for free for those on the 360 and PS3.

Happy gaming, and don't forget, visit the websites above in the coming weeks to download or receive your FREE named rosters for NCAA 2010.