Move Over Hardy Boyz: Introducing the Young Bucks

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2009

For all of those who love, and hate, the revolutionary tag team the Hardy Boyz, look out because there's a new tag team in town.

Contrary to the thought that tag team wrestling is dead, The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) are traveling across the country putting fans on notice that the art is very much alive.

If you're looking at the pic above and saying to yourself that the duo looks like a cheap rip off of the Hardy's you're absolutely right...and completely wrong all in the same breath.

Growing up in Montebello, CA, the brothers were big wrestling fanatics as they dreamed of a career in professional wrestling. Upon Matt's graduation from the Revolution Pro Wrestling School, the duo received some secondary training from tag team specialist Marty Jannetty.

But before they ever debuted professionally, in 2005, the Young Bucks were wrestling under their own banner High Risk Wrestling.

Along with their good friend Dustin Cutler, the brothers started their own federation as they would run shows up and down Southern California. They even enlisted former trainer Marty Jannetty to wrestle on their cards.

Sound familiar? Yeah, there was a little tag team on the East Coast who had the same dream. The Hardy Brothers, who dreamed of being pro wrestlers, trained themselves and created TWF, Trampoline Wrestling Federation. TWF soon spring boarded to OMEGA which was completely run and managed by the Hardyz.

And like the Hardyz, The Jacksons used their own promotion to get them noticed. Nick and Matt went from running their own shows to being showcased under the NWA and PWA Guerilla banners.

If you're still confused on this tag team, you better get to Googling because they've recently debuted in both Dragon Gate and Ring of Honor and it's only a moment before they'll be launched into your living room. Matt has already appeared on Smackdown vs. Chuck Palumbo in a squash match in 2008.

This tag team is not just a Hardy Boyz rip off. They embody the tag teams of old (The Rockers and Midnight Express) and infuse it with the high-flying chain wrestling style of today.


Getting to Know Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson:

Like the Hardyz, they have a high flying, high impact style.

Like the Hardyz, Matt is the oldest and Nick might be the star.

Like the Hardyz, they use the Swanton Bomb. But they usually immediately follow it up with either a moonsault or 450 splash.

There's no confusion between The Young Bucks of wrestling and the Young Buck of the rap world. Nick and Matt currently have "MMMBop" by Hanson as their music on MySpace.

The duo is also Xtreme... For Christ that is.


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