Trade Deadline: What Should The Red Sox Do?

Matt St. JeanContributor IJuly 13, 2009

BOSTON - APRIL 24: General Manager Theo Epstein and Manger Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox watch the pre-game action before a game with the New York Yankees at Fenway Park, April 24, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The trade deadline is arriving at the end of the month and baseball has yet to see any really significant moves from the big players in the game, notably the Yankees, Dodgers, Mets and Red Sox.

There are plenty of rumors flying around the Boston Red Sox and it has the Fenway Faithful constantly speculating on who the Red Sox could acquire. Recently it has been Roy Halladay, and how dominating Red Sox pitching would be with Halladay, Beckett, and Lester as a three-headed demon devouring batters at will.

This would be very intimidating but would it be necessary? Acquiring Halladay would mean the Clay Buchholz would be left in the minors for the rest of the season where he is currently dominating. This would also mean that the Red Sox would not be big players in next offseason's free agent market with so many big contracts already on their plate.

However, with the recent news of Buchholz arriving in the big leagues the move for Halladay is highly unlikely... sorry pitching gurus of Boston, you will have to remain drooling over Beckett and Lester and complaining about Dice-K and Smoltz.

More rumors have involved hitters such as Garrett Atkins, Miguel Tejada, and Victor Martinez. These rumors are a response to the dilemma that is facing the Red Sox third basemen Mike Lowell and the doubts that management has that he will come back and be one-hundred percent for the rest of the season.

Garrett Atkins is having a horrendous season for the Rockies this season in the hitter friendly Coors Field. He is current platooning with fellow third basement Ian Stewart who is beating him out with a .223 batting average. But, there is something about playing in Boston that reignites hitters to becoming fan favorites and sometimes even legends in Boston folklore (see David Ortiz).

With Nick Green playing as well as he has and Lowrie soon recovering from his injury and move for more power in the shortstop position would be unlikely. The Tejada trade rumor spread for a little while because Red Sox nation was uneven at having journeyman Nick Green at shortstop. In usual Boston fashion all that it takes to win us over is a walk-off home run, solid fielding performances and a humble attitude and now we want Nick Green to stick around for good.

Victor Martinez is an interesting rumor because as much as I love Tek he needs to leave or at least assume a back up role. Victor Martinez would bring a solid bat to the lineup and can play both first base and catcher. He would allow both Lowell and Varitek days off if they needed it.

However, what the Red Sox need to do before the trade deadline is...nothing. There is a man named Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins that is going to be a free agent at season's end and if the Red Sox go and get high money players they will not be able to attain Mauer's services. Mauer is going to sign with a big market team and the only other big market team that has a glaring need for a catcher is the Yankees.

The Red Sox have the second best record in baseball right now and hold a solid three game lead over the Yankees in the AL East. They have the best bullpen in baseball and one of the best farm systems as players constantly get called up and produce almost immediately (See Aaron Bates).

They need to save their money so that they can go out and make a lucrative offer to Joe Mauer in the off-season so that they do not lose him to the Yankees like they lost Teixeira, A-Rod and Randy Johnson before him. Mauer would be a perfect fit for the Red Sox and would be loved by Boston immediately.

The Red Sox cannot fall into the trap of buying big name players and trading away prospects like the Yankees did (and look what happened to them). I mean look what happened when the Red Sox traded for Gagne... nuff' said.

This trade deadline the Red Sox need to be patient and rely on the talent that they already have and the talent that they have coming up from the minors. Although the big name players would help, being patient will aid the Red Sox in the long run.

With a team that is poised to make a World Series run anyway getting any additional help would be futile. Plus, Joe Mauer needs to be in a Red Sox uniform in 2010 or Red Sox nation will be very, very disappointed.