Shawn Michaels a Heel? A DX Reunion?

The ViperCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 26: WWE wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Triple H attend the USA Network Upfront at The Modern on March 26, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew Walker/Getty Images)

Hello everyone! I am new to Bleacher Report and this is my first article, so bear with me.

As I have been watching Raw lately...since Wrestlemania 25 actually, I have begun to notice that the show lacks any serious fire and the crowd seems to not really care at the live events. The only screams you normally hear are from the little kids when John Cena makes his entrance. Some would even argue that Smackdown or ECW are the true "A" show of the WWE.

I agree with this statement, but only for the present moment in time. This is simply because RAW is missing one of it's true mega faces. This person would be Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels can bring the spark back to RAW that has been missing for some time now. He has the charisma, and he gets the reaction from the crowd that this show desperately needs.

However, I propose that the WWE should do something that we, the WWE Universe, have not seen for a very long time. I think that the WWE should turn Shawn Michaels heel. Now before you jump all over me and tell me what a stupid idea this is, just hear me out.

Right now there really are no main event heels on RAW. In my eyes its only heels are: Randy Orton, The Big Show, Priceless, and Jack Swagger. Now, I ask you, which of those men could possibly hold the WWE title?

My answer? One of them. That man is Randy Orton. We know the WWE won't put the title on Big Show, and Jack Swagger simply isn't ready. So that leaves one heel in the form of Randy Orton. You need at least two mega heels to make a show interesting.

Smackdown has Jericho, Edge, and Punk. ECW has Shelton Benjamin, but no one else since they took Jack Swagger away. I think they will suffer, but not very much because ECW is such a small show. With RAW being the size that it is, they need more than one heel.

Shawn Michaels has been gone for quite some time and he could come back as a heel very easily. Have him interfere at Night of Champions by kicking Cena as he's about to beat Orton. Have him say that it's nothing personal but he needed to insert himself back into the title hunt.

Then watch slowly as he transitions from a face into the outstanding heel that he has played at various times in his career. I can hear everyone shouting at me that this won't happen because it is inevitable that DX will reform later on this year.

My simple answer to this? Turn Triple H heel as well. When was the last time we saw a heel version of Degeneration-X? Not for very many years. It is obvious to me that the Triple H vs. Randy Orton feud will end at Summerslam, probably in a Hell in a Cell match.

I can see Randy Orton winning this match, and Triple H goes on a rampage in the WWE, attacking everyone, face or heel. The new heel Shawn Michaels says that he knows how Trips feels and wants to help him take down RAW. Together they could dominate the show and win all the titles.

Triple H agrees and we see the most dominant stable of all time return: the DX we know and love, the bad guys. It is an interesting concept that I believe should be explored.

In conclusion, I leave the discussion up to you my fellow B/R members. Should Shawn Michaels return as a heel, or as a face? I know he will almost 100 percent positively be a face, but I believe he should be a heel. What do you think?